Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Tuesday! I am feeling a bit down today (the dump of snow over the wknd didn't help!), but I am sure I will perk up tomorrow.

So, my/our weekend was actually quite busy. Friday, it started to snow. Then it stopped, then it started up again as I was leaving work at 3. I picked up Anker, and we went to his dentist appointment. I drove there, and he drove back. The roads were TERRIBLE, but we made it home. As I was heading home, my I had texted my friend to see on how she was doing, and she texted back, saying she wasn't doing well. I asked if she wanted me to come over. We had tentatively planned on getting together on Saturday night, but I thought about switching it to Friday if she said yes to my coming over. Well, she said yes, so I came home, hung out for a bit, grabbed supper, and then, went over there in the bad winter roads and hung out until 11. We watched Big Bang, and chatted. Came home around 11, and stayed up until 1 am playing on my laptop, etc.

Saturday, I slept in, did dishes, and had homemade waffles that Anker had made the day before. They were VERY good!! I did laundry, cleaned up a bit, made granola bars (I would link it, but Pinterest isn't working right now) and chocolate chip cookies (another great recipe I found on PT), took said cookies to our neighbours, played on the laptop, watched tv, went to the library, and came home and hung out for the evening. As usual, we didn't hang out out together (bad habit, I know), so I watched tv in our room, and Anker watched tv in the living room.

Sunday, I went to church with our friends (they drove), and I did nursery. I was really chatty after church, which isn't always the case. They took me out to lunch at McD's, and they stopped by for a few minutes to chat with Anker, and then I did another load of laundry, went out to grab a few things (Anker sold three of his hats on Sunday, so we were able to get some gas n groceries), and I chatted with our new neighbours. They are really nice, have two cats, and are Catholic (Anker and I had this feeling they were people of Faith), so we had a nice chat on Sunday for a few minutes. Sunday evening, I again just hung out in the evening, and I put a few things on/in some of the Facebook bidding groups. I didn't read a single magazine, nor did I watch a single movie. It was a good, but busy (for me) weekend.

I hope your weekend was wonderful.

For pictures from the weekend, head on over to my IG Feed.

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