Five(+) Faviourite Things Tuesday

I have seen on some blogs that people are posting about their faviourite things, and I wanted to do that, too. I think I will do in Fridays, since it makes for a neat title (I will do that along with SUYL, if I do it that particular wk), but because I have other posts I want to write on, and these things are on my mind right now, I thought I would do it today. I also wanted to do this so that I am reminded of the little blessings in life that God has give me (us).

So, in no particular they are...

Well, I ALWAYS like Starbucks, but they have Fraps on for half price right now. This makes me happy. A lot. This is a new one, Caramel Ribbon Crunch.

Magazines, slurpees, journalling, sunny days. I was totally content and happy on Sunday afternoon.

Chocolate pancakes I made this morning. They weren't that bad.

My new Job/Key to the store:) The first time that I have been given the key to my job. I feel important,

Okay, this isn't the best moral book I have read, but I LOVE WW2 type of books...and I have started reading this. It isn't bad (so far). This is also the first book that I have read (that is IF I finish it) since last summer. I have tried to read a few, but I end up getting lost and giving up.

Okay, there is actually 6, but this made me happy..pinic in the park, on a lovely day (with DH, of course) with the slurpee:) is number 7....(maybe I will just change it to Favourite things Friday, and just forget the 5)..these are what is keeping me sane right now...(see below). Ice pack, and aloe vera i n the fridg or freezer (but not too long).
And one thing that that I am NOT loving right now..this nasty sunburn I got on Sunday. Yes, I applied SS, but I guess I didn't reapply soon enough.

                             The sun thru the trees on Sunday...I love these types of pics:)
The temp on Sunday.

I also just finished ordering a bunch of stuff for the store...I was in my glory! I had so much fun!!!


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