My Momma's Salad Dressing!

In Canada, we have to make our own salad dressing, as it doesn't come in a jar or bottle. Ok, I'm kidding, but once in awhile I like to experiment and make something a bit different. I grew with this recipe that Mom still makes to this day. The funny thing is, is that I never have really liked it, but since I am TRYING to eat a bit healthier (yes, I will write about that sometime soon), and I had all the ingredients, I thought I would make it tonight. I don't take credit for this (except the added garlic) is all my mom's:) Ok..I don't know if it is "her" recipe, since I have seen similar ones, but this is what I grew up with. When I made it tonight, it was surprisingly good!!! (maybe better than Mom'


1/4 C of (EV)OO (or any oil, really, but (EV)OO is the best)
1 tsp sugar
1 egg (if you don't want to eat raw eggs, then you can leave this out, or use an egg subistute, but I always had this, and I never got sick..up to you.)
1/2 C of mayonnaise (NOT Mir@cle Whip)
1-2 tsp  of lemon juice (I used bottled)
clove of garlic (be careful, it is pretty garlicy, and I used a small one)

Combine all but the EVOO in the blender or food processor,,slowly pour in the EVOO as it is blending. Add additional amounts for/taste and depending on the number of people. This is to be used on savoury salads ONLY:) Can be stored in the fridge for a long time..:)


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