FREEDOM (what it means to me)

Bwtn watching episodes of Locked up Abroad, watching Lincoln, and reading books on WW2, I have been thinking (and THANKFUL) about freedom, and how blessed we are live in an WONDERFUL country, with no war, slavery (yes, I know it still goes on, which makes me sad and sick, but thankful that it isn't as prominant-that I know of- as it was back in 1800's), and I can do pretty much whatever and whenever and however I want.

It means that I have fresh clean water, and good and healthy food at the ready whenever we want or need it.

It means that we can go wherever, whenever we want, and plan our days to our preferance.

It means that we can worship in the open and without prejiduce. It also means that I can listen to Christian (or any kind of music) out in the open.

It means that we can go to school and work on our own free will.

It means that we can pray and read our Bibles in the open.

There are so many things that Freedom means, and it would take books to mention it all.

Bascially, I am THANKFUL, and BLESSED!!


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