Target, Paul Brandt, and a an Update

Happy Tuesday, Friends! We finally had some much needed rain early this morning, and mid morning. Yay! We really needed it:) As much as I love the hot weather we have been getting, I knew we needed some rain to cool things off a bit.

So, first, an update...I kind of already talked about the wknd. I worked all day Friday and half day Saturday. They were both pretty quiet.  We have ordered two bunches of orders/stock, so we are really excited about them coming in!

No new jobs, really...I did apply to a couple last week, but nothing really has come out of them. Most of the jobs that I have seen require a 2 year diploma, but then you also need exerience! UGH! That is sooo frustrating! Oh well...I guess I am where God wants me, right?

Saturday, like I said, we got to my parents around 8. We just had a nice relaxing evening. Mom and I went for a drive, to check out something on the farm, and had a nice visit. I stayed up late reading my new book..I think I had mentioned that in my past post. I think I will do a book post sometime, too.

Sunday, we had a nice breakfast with mom, and she liked our gifts. They got a brand new bathtub, which I HAD to try out. I loved it! I think that is what I want for our dream home. So, like I stated the other day, it was a nice MD. I got to see Bebops new sandpile, which he seemed to love. Had a nap, and went for supper and came home. It was a very short trip, but we felt that we needed to do it, for Mom:)

So, last week....I visited the place where I did my practicum, which was really nice. I had promised them that I would come at least once to visit them before summer. I spent a half hour just hanging out and visiting. Went to starbucks and I read my book, and then I went to the park. Had McD's for McHappy Day. Thursday, I spent the morning reading my book, then went and visited my friend L who works at the chuch. Ran a few errands, bank, library, etc, and ended up meeting my aunt and uncle at Chapters/SBX. They are SBX newbies, so I had to introduce them to the culture:) I told them what they might like to have..:) We had a nice but short visit. Ended up just coming home. We watched Grey;s. Man is it ever good right now! This week is the last (season finale) episode. I am also getting all 8 (so far!) seasons of GA, which is pretty cool. E.R will always be my by number one show, but GA is definitely a close 2nd!!

So, today...hubby calls me in the morning, and says that he shook hands with Paul Brandt!! He is doing a show at our church tomorrow night, and was there doing a sound check this morning. We may have followed them to where they wer eating breaky...maybe. Well, I HAD to at least say hello...and I was nervous, because, you know..he is famous:) He is SO NICE! I met his wife and two kids. I had also brought my newest CD of his, incase I could get up the nerve to ask him to sign he was leaving..I asked him ever so nicely if he could sign it, and it he did!!! He looks nothing like he does on TV or on his CD inserts, etc...I mean,..he is NORMAL!! I think he is the first famous person that I have met. When I called mom and told her, she thought I had met We can't afford the tix to go, so I am playing ALL of his CD's that I have...which brings me to my next set of news....
His autograph:)
We got a new Target in our town!! It is big, shiny, new and RED! The prices are not like they are (or so I have heard) in the States, and I will miss Zellers, but it was fun to go and wander around. I am not sure how much I will shop there, because they aren't Canadian (not that I am Canadian-only shopper, but I am sad that the bought out Zellers), but at least they may have different selection than Wal-Mart has (which we are now getting a WM Superstore). I try to not shop at Big Box stores, because of where their stuff is made. Since seeing and hearing about the garment factory in Bangledesh, well, I more than ever want to make sure where and how my stuff is made. Anyhoo..I wanted to at least take a look...and yes, I took a picture...
If you look real close, you can see the SBX sign. And yes, it is a real one, too:)
B.C is voting on a new premiere (probably similar to a govener in the US), so we did that this mornig, and we will be glued to the TV tonight:)
That is all for now...I have a few more topics that I want to write be looking for that in the next few days. I won't be participating in SUYL this week, so I will do Five Faviourite things Friday..among other things, i am sure.


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