Country vs City

Well, today was a MUCH more productive day than yesterday! I woke up before 8 with no alarm!! I hung out, relaxed, then I started on my cleaning frenzy. I cleaned the bathroom..and the cabinet shelves, got rid of junk that was cluttering my house, cleaned the kitchen, and FINALLY put away our winter stuff (yes, I am ab bit slow,but hey, we live in Canada, so you never know when you can get snow!). Hubby vacuumed, which was awesome!

I got ready to go, which I had to get in my nice clothes, since I had an interview today. I grabbed lunch (a semi healthy lunch) at MCD's, ran some errands, had my interview, ran some more errands, and I looked for sandals at Target, and got some groceries at Target. Came home, hubby went to his movie, and I read all evening.

So, sort of coming off from last night...honestly, I am torn btwn the country and city living! I always think of wanting to move back to C and get a job there...but then I KNOW I would miss the wonderful parts of the city. I was raised on the farm, and I DO love it there...but I don't love all the work that goes into it. I don't always love the city, either. I don't like all the traffic, and where we live, there is extra noise, becuase we live in a condo bldng. So, you have the EXTRA noise of your neighbours that live close to you. BUT I love going to coffee wherever I want, I love going to the library (although C does have one), and wandering the mall, and shops. I love that there are more job opps for me here. When I was home, however, I LOVED hearing the country sounds, too. The dogs, the birds (ok, maybe NOT the blackbirds SO early in the morning!), the frogs, crickets, the coyotes, and of course, the sheep/lambs when they are close. I love to smell the fresh country air. The semi-quietness of living in the country (although it is NEVER quiet around our house). If we lived in C or V, we would be able to pop in on the family when we wanted...I could help mom can, and hubby could help the guys do whatever needs to be done...we could pop in on the wknds and have iced tea, and chat..and come on over (or invite them) for supper on a moment's notice. There are definitely pros and cons to living in both places.

I had an interview today...I think it went well. I am already getting my 5 Fav things Friday ready to go! I have more than 5! It just goes to show that there are SO many things good and blessed in my life!!!

PS...if any of you watched Grey's Anatomy did you like it? What did you think of the episode?


terbez72 said…
Like you, I will always be a "country girl". I grew up rural, and 3 of my marital homes have been rural. I enjoy the amenities of a city, but I don't want to live there - within a reasonable driving distance is good for me. I always have to laugh when people say "why would you want to live way out there?" and I respond "it is not a place, it is a lifestyle".

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