Thoughts on Mother's Day- Part 1

Well, I was ALMOST finished my original post on this subject, when I don't know what I did , but I left the page, and it was erased!!! I am so upset, I could just spit! What a waste of an hour..I had pictures and everything!

So, I will just revamp what I had written before, I AM NOT going to totally re-write it, so I will just do a smaller (condensed) version of what I HAD on here:)

Last August, Mom and I went on a 24 hour Mother-Daughter trip. We went shopping, ate yummy (expensive) food, swam in the motel`s pool, picked cherries, ate jam, toured a heritage site, found a dead guy's grave, and had a great time together. I will try and post some pics on/of it later in the wknd. I just dont feel like putting them all up again. If you are my friend on FB, you can see them under "Mother-Daughter Trip".

Since it is Mother's Day Week, I thought I would do a post on my mom, and my thoughts on Mother's Day in general. Since I want to particpate in SUYL tomorrow, and this wknd we are heading out to the ranch, well, I thought I would at least do one post about it.

My mom is one of my best friends. Yah, we get on each other's nerves, say stuff we shouldn't and drive each other crazy, but in the end, we love each other. We don't talk every day; probably more like every couple of weeks. She isn't a phone person, so we wil just say hi on FB, or text each other. We both love getting lost, and taking road trips. We love having coffee/tea together.

My mom is amazing; She pushed out 7 kids, homeschooled us all (most of us from K-on). She is a farmer AND preachers wife. She had (and still has) a HUGE garden, canned, made pies, froze fruit..made butter, yogurt, cooked a million dinners for nearly as many people. She is everyone's friend...she is amazing..oh, and she is writing a book:)

                                                       Mom and I on our trip last August.
                                                           Anyway, she is just a cool cat:)

On to my thoughts on Mother's be honest, I haven't thought too much about it this year. I usually hate that day, and I am SO glad that I have a mother, so that I don't have to think (too much) on the fact that I am not one. In the past, we haven't gone to church, especially if we are in town, and not at my family's place. I ALWAYS get/give mom a card, and most of the time, I get her a gift, too.  At least I can concentrate on getting her something. I just find it hard, being at church, and everyone wishing me happy mother's day, then getting upset when they don't. I try to not dwell on it too much, but there are years where it has been tougher than others. I don't cry, but I get very sad, and begin wishing that we had kids. I find it hard when I see people celebrating moms (and dads for f-day), when I am not one. I wish the church would acknowledge women that aren't mothers. I think it was last year when my childhood church gave flowers to every lady, which was very nice, and thoughtful. I wish every church would do this. It is hard getting up in the morning, knowing that I won't be getting a MD kiss from my kids (or even my hubby), no breakfast in bed, or no cards or gifts:( This is one of the times when I feel robbed of what I am "supposed" to have. I get angry at God for not giving us a baby. So, those are my thoughts..they aren't all down and dirty and depressing, but they are very much real. Mom does try to understand, and say encouraging things to me when I am having a bad "baby day".

I will do an update on my (our) wk either tomorrow or saturday..or, whenever I feel like it:) I am loving this weather...I have been enjoying Starbucks, this lovely weather, reading..I am working tomorrow...oh, and we ordered some stock for the store the other day..I cannot wait until we get it in!!!


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