Grumpy...and a week recap

Well, I seem to be grumpy today..with no real reason. I could be that we don't have any money (at all) til Thursday. Or it could be that our house is a bit of a disaster. Or it could be because we have had lots of (much needed, mind you) rain this week, and I am in need of some sun. Whatever the reason, I am grumpy and blah. OH well.

So, a quick recap...Today, I went to church, and grabbed a one dollar drink at McD's, and read for a while...and now I am home:)

Saturday, I spent the morning reading, which was nice. I am now done my two bucks, which makes me sad. I ALWAYS hate when I finish a is like a part of me dies:) Ok, maybe not that bad, but it is still sad. At least one of the books is a Trilogy, and we have the second one in at work, so I can read it when I am there..until I pay for it:) Anyway...I had lunch, and I went to work for the afternoon. I came home  and I read for a bit, and we had supper. We watched Pirates of the Carribean #4, which was pretty funny, and I read for a bit and went to bed.

Friday, my plans got changed, as I found out that I my lil sister was coming to get her wisdom teeth pulled..yes, all four! She is doing well, though, so that is good. So we hung out for a few minutes..K brought her in, and she had Bebop with her, and we met at a park for a while. I dropped V off, and we chatted for while she waited. I was supposed to work at 230, but she wanted me in earlier, so I left and went to work. Just hung out and relaxed in the evening. Avon has a new website, so I am trying to navigate through that.

Thursday, I had the last of my HEP B shot, and hubby and I grabbed coffee, and we came home. I went out to the library, and then to school (where they have a printer) to print off some resumes. I came home and just relaxed. I got caught up with some of my family members, via the old communication called the land-line telephone:)

Wednesday, I spent time at home, and then I ran a few errands. I went to the library, and I dropped off some resumes downtown, and I went to my old workplace to chat with girls for a bit. I went home, made, and had supper, and relaxed in the evening.

Tuesday, I met up with a friend from school, and went shopping, then we grabbed Starbucks for lunch/coffee. Not all sure what I did in the evening...probably the same as I do every night..Facebook, and watch TV:)

Anyway, not much of an exciting week, I know..but hey, it seemed to keep me busy!

Have a great Memorial Day Wknd, my American Friends.


Considerer said…
Ahhhh the book hangover. I get that.

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