Five Favourite Things Friday

I am doing going to participate in SUYL this week, b.c I dont have any kids clothes for sale, and I would like to try and do FFTF nearly every Friday (even when I do SUYL). But if you would like to link up this week, go to

So, this week...again, I have a lot of favourite in no particular they are..

Ok, I know it doesn't say it, and I officially didn't pay a dollar for this, because I got a meal, but Dollar Drink Days are back at McD's! I'm Lovin' it!
I always love ER and GA, but I am watching these at night when I go to bed:) (we also just watched the season finale of was SO GOOD!, and there will be a 10th season..yay!)
THE THORN, by Beverly Lewis..Love her, love this book!! You think it is a boring Amish book, then you get into it...and there is a story and usually a dark secret in her books.
Yes, I am slightly addicted to Paul Brandt right now. I have ALL of his CDs (except for one of his CMas albums). They are also so good!
 (check out a couple of posts back regardin his concert that we went to)
I am lumping all these in one...books, magazines, journalling, slurpees, and warm weather!!
And one thing I am NOT loving this week, is that this lil guy and his parents are moving (back) East for a year (or more)!! That makes me totally sad..not sure how I will be able to stand not seeing this cute lil face for a  year! Can you tell he has a new hair cut? And I LOVE his lil vest!
Well, that is all today! Happy Friday!!
 Ps..I am an officially a Target shopper (I shopped for groceries). Does this make me a bad person? LOL


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