A Concert, A Yearning, and A Very Weird Day

I have SO MANY ideas of posts/subjects that I want to post on! I actually have them written in my day timer. Not sure if it is ad or genius!

Today was a a very weird day. Not a bad one, just an off one. For startets, I slept in. I HATE it when I sleep in past 9, unless I am sick or something. I slept in til 9:30. I am setting my alarm for 8 am:) Even if I FB, etc in the morning, for an hour, then I can start on other things.  So, I started my day by FB-ing and on the internest for nearly two hours. I DID chat with hubby, and I made a few phone calls. As well, my plan today was to clean the mess that is our house, and maybe out and read. I did neither. I did, however, chat with my gramma, and got dressed at noon. True story. My grandma did call me, which was very sweet. We chatted for an hour. I FINALLY ate lunch (the first meal of the day..I know..bad), watch my cooking shows, and a couple of JJ episodes while laying on the couch. After that, I finally went out. I grabbed my chq at work, and met up with my aunt. We had a nice coffee and chat at Starbucks.  The point to my weird day, was that it was just that..weird, and I felt non-constructive. Grabbed hubby, who was napping (which was partly why I couldnt clean the house), and we got his chqs, and as we were grabbing his chq at the church, well, I was a bit foward, shall I say??...and asked a church friend of ours who said he was helping with the PB concert tonight if he could possibly get us in:) Well, he was able to! So, after supper at KFC, we came home, and got all spiffied up!

The concert was amazing! He was awesome..well, God was awesome, but he was used by God. Paul Brandt was/is on his Just as I am Tour, promoting his JAIT Gospel Album. He sang a few other songs, "Convoy", Ì Do``, but most of his songs were form his new album. He also had Gordon Mote with him, who is an amazing piano player. He also has an amazing story. He and his brother were born blind, and they started playing the piano at around 3 years old. He now plays on MANY different country albums, as well as he is with the Gaither Vocal Band. We got one of his CD's and also PB's new one (so, now i have ALL of his cds), and we also got a Rubber Duck (you know, from the song "Convoy"). The only disappointment was that I wish he had come out after the concert to autograph and for more pics:( I HAD gotten his autograph yesterday, but I wanted him to sign my new cd, and there were a lot of other disappointed people, too:( Oh well...

So, my yearning...I will try to keep this short, as it is nearly 12 am:) For YEARS now I have had a yearning to do some sort of mission work. Where, and in what capacity, I dont know. Even before I got married, I wanted to work in an orphange, or even help out with some sort of childrens ministry. I feel that because of my health (my sleep machine in particular) that I wont be able to do that. You have ot have a place where there is electricy (or at least a generator) to plug in my machine. Tonight, PB (and GM) were talking about going to Haiti (which is one of the plaes I would love to go) for mission work (building houses, a church, living with the people), and DO SOMETHING! The last few days I have been really asking/seeking God about where I should work, where God would use me, and where we should live (I will do a country vs city post another time). I want to do what God wants. Whether that is here, or in Haiti, or Africa. I want to be used of God. If we can't have kids, and if I have just put 11K into my schooling (and more if I want to get the diploma), then I want a job where a), I enjoy (and duh, have SOME money) and OR b) where God can use me! I KNOW God can use me just where we are. I don't HAVE to go to Haiti, or another place, BUT I have the yearning, the desire. But I also know that God wants to use me (give me responsibility) in and for the little things, before (or even instead) of the BIG things!!! I don't know why God has allowed us to not have kids...it makes me sad, nearly every day, that I am not a mommy. I WANT to do the will of GOD. I want my heart to break for what breaks God. I WANT my DESIRE to serve Jesus in ANY and EVERY way!! Even here in our little town, if that is what He wants:) Tonight during the concert, I was praying and asking God as where he would want me to work with and in this new career, and I believe, a mission field (actually, ANY job you go into is a mission field..just that some are easier to share God's love than others). So, I would ask if you would pray with me, if you remember, and that I will be guied to the job that HE wants me to have...and to also, IF it is possible to be able to serve the Lord in some sort of way, on some kind of mission trip!
This was just as they were leaving the stage.

I am Haiti-bound!! (or I want to be)


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