Europe-17 Years Ago!

I was going to post on what keeps me busy, but someone else had blogged about their trips overseas, so I thought I would, too.

Every year about this time, I have memories having being in Europe..with the sun and the cigarette smoke. There is something about smelling ciggy smoke on a sunny summer day that takes me back to Europe:) EVERYONE smoked there..maybe they still do, I don`t know.

Anyway...17 years ago, on May 15, 1996, my aunt and I boared a plane from Vancouver to London, then to Athens..into the unkown (for me) to start our two month trip. I wish I had enjoyed it more. I was scared, because the whole experience was new to me, but I DID have a fun time! We went for a friends wedding, in Italy (she married an Italian), and we decided to make a trip out of it.

We started in Greece, and had a week or so there...went to Athens, Corinth, and camped in various places. We swam in the Aegian sea, camped in a campground beside a beach in Corinth, took a very fast bus all over the country, and saw more olive trees and more ruins than I cared to see.

Then took the overnight ferry, landing in Bari, Italy, and we went straight to where the wedding was. We spent time with our friends before the wedding, and we helped them get ready..the wedding itself was amazing. The reception didn`t lack, either. I think were was about 10 courses, or something. It took HOURS to get through...but we had so much fun.We stayed for a day or so after the wedding to relax and say good by to the new friends we had made.

After spending a few days there, we travelled all over Italy. I can barely remember it was soooo long ago! We went to Rome, Florence (nearly went to jail), went island hopping, saw a bunch of ruins, went to a few more Italian towns and cities..oh, and I had my 20th bday in Venice. Yah, that is definitely one of my favourite bdays for sure! Eating fruit flan in St. Peters Square is an experience I will always remember! We went island hopping in Italy, too, which was totally neat. It was HOT!! We spent quite a few nights camping while we were in Europe, mainly Greece and Italy.Camping in Europe is an experience in an of itself. Especially free camping. With out paying. On an island. Where you are not supposed to camp. Yah, those were fun times:) We walked a volcano, and we swam in hot springs that smelled like rotten eggs. More fun times.

Went to Switzerland and stayed with cousins, but we also went to Zermatt, which was a great little town. After a week or so in Switzerland, we went to Vienna, Austria, and stayed a few days there...took the train to France, where we spent a few hours in Paris. I wish we could have spent more time there...:) Then we took an overnight ferry to England. Spent the last few weeks staying with rellies. Also went to Scotland and Wales for a day.

We came home on July 15th. I loved that trip, and I would love to go back.That is something that my aunt and I will often refer back to. I hope hubby and I can make a trip back. He is from Northern Europe, and I have Penpals in several parts of Southern Europe, so we may go back. We met lots of friends, and friends of friends...and made TONS of memories! I don`t have any pics, since they are all on film..will try to find a few online, though...:)

Here are a few I found online..
Venice, Italy
Bern, Switzerland. I actually have a picture of this clock.
Zermatt, Switzerland
Vienna. I think this was the palace that we toured.
Vienna. I think I have a similar picture of this.
Well, that is all for today (unless I decide to do another post..) I have so many post ideas, so I may start doubling them up, or post twice in a day. It is a long weekend here in Canada, so I have Monday off. Not sure if we will be going out of town or not..we may just stay in town. I am at work now, which was why we didn't leave today.


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