SUYL...Sort of, and an Update

Yes, I am really pushing the envelop this wk, in linking up with Kelly`s Korner (, as it is about Mom`s with teens. Well, I am not a mom, but I have a nearly 16 year old brother and an 18 year old brother! I is nearly 16, and S is 18. They are both wonderful men of God, and even though they (especially I) bugs me at times, they are really fun to be with!!
I and one of his puppies.
This was the only one I found of S.
So, I thought I would do a short update on my wknd, and our wk, As I write this, I am at work! Can you believe it? That is how quiet it gets:) I don't complain though. I it is nice to have a job where I can just hang out and relax.
So, last weekend, I went to the ranch alone, as hubby wasn't feeling well. I had a great time, despite the cold weather that they had. I went on hay ride, got some pictures taken alone and with the sisters, had lots of laughs, and some good chats, played with the lamb, got to seea lamb being born, and of course I got lots of cuddles with the babies! I ended up staying over an extra night (despite my not having my sleep machine..ooops!) because, well, I could!!!
Work is going well. I even to my first pay cheque!! I am still looking for something in my field, and I have spent the better part of the week just looking for work, and I have sent off resumes online, and I have dropped off resumes at all sorts of places; even to retail stores.
We also got a new to us couch. My SIL's cousin was giving it away, so we got it. That of course happened while I was at work yesterday, and when I came home last evenig, it was..well, a bit of a mess!!! Oh well, maybe this will make us clean up and organize? I wish we could just totally re-arrange our living room, but because we have a HUGE entertainment unit that holds the TV, PVR, DVD player, etc we can't really put it anywhere else. I did have the TV in one of the corners before he moved in...hmm.maybe I can move it back?
We were going to Bebops Bday party this wknd, but we really can't afford the gas:( So, we will just stay put and hang out:)
I am also missing out on our Ladies Retreat. I wasn't going to go, then I was, then I wasn' get the picture..oh well...
I think this sums up our current update for now. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend!


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