SUYL-What I make or sell

I am linking up with this week for what we make or sell.

I hope I am allowed to do this, as what I sell isn't something that I make. You see, I sell Avon. Yes, I am the Avon Lady!

I have been with Avon for about 18 months now. This last "campaign" was the first that I had not ordered for myself or for my customers. It felt weird not ordering, but to be honest I just don't have the money for the fun stuff right now:)

But, I DO love their products. I think my favourite is the eye makeup remover. It is so nice, and smooth, and it doesn't sting your eyes like some of them do.

I also love the mascara. I think my favourite is the waterproof in black. I have the drama mascara that I also use, and it the picture that I was able to find online.
Of course, I also love the nailpolish. I seriously have never had so much NP as when I joined up:) WAAY too many, but they are fun to try:)
I also am ordering the new sunscreen next time. I have the stuff from last year, but this new stuff looks even better...
Of course, who can forget their Aloe Vera? They have the best, I think:)
I also love their Bubble Bath, and their Glazewear Lip Gloss:) Again, I have way too many of those.
They also have a great kids line, as well some great clothes!!!
I hope to get some more customers this summer, and eventually I can build a good business with it. Right now, though, it is more like a hobby. A very expensive hobby!!
It is all I can do to NOT buy everything I see in the catalogues:)
Yes, it is like everything, you have to watch out for your sales. I often won't buy things until I see them on sale, which may not be as son as I need or want them.
I believe in Avon, and what they sell, and I also believe their campaign on helping women out of abusive situations.
There have been a lot of celebrities that have come to Avon's cause, and helped sell some of their own product line (or who have created it for Avon).
All in all, I love their products:) They have a great range of stuff, from inexpensive, to the more expensive skin care:)


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