Just me and My Mom/Pictures from our trip!

Edited..I found it!!!

I figured since this Mother`s Day week, I would write about my mama, along with my personal thoughts surrounding this (for me) rather sad holiday. Since tomorrow is SUYL, and I want to contribute to that, and I don't know for sure if I will blog over the wknd (Who am I kidding? Of course I will!!), I thought I would at least do part one today.

I was going through my posts from last Summer/Fall, and I hadn't blogged about my mom's and my trip to a city a couple of hours away. For safety reasons, I won't disclose where we went, but you can probably guess or google the images to find out:)

A while back, I had wanted my mom and I to go on mother-daughter trip somewhere before I went to school. It was decided that we would go to this city, since she had to take a trip there anyway(family-related), so that was where we went.

I wish it were longer, but money and time didn't allow it. We had a great 24 hours away, however. After quickly saying hi to my aunt, we just started driving. We stopped at a heritage place, where you made a donation and wandered around. We both love that kind of thing. Mom also wanted to find a dead guy's grave (cause she is weird like that!!), so we went across the street where we found it. It was a lovely a little church, and we had fun wandering around.
The Church. Cute, isn't it?
We went to a fancy (read:expensive) restaurant that had very yummy food. We had a great time just visiting, and eating a late supper.
Mom and I split two dishes:) SO GOOD!!
The next day, we went shopping, and of course, we grabbed a Starbucks:)
One the way home, we stopped in at the Jammery. It was so cute!! It had a store on one side, and a tea room on the other side.

They had yummy scones. Not as good as mom's, but pretty good!

The store. Isn't it cute?
It had little jars of jam, big jars of jam, dieabetic jam (which tasted great), lots of Canadiana Stuff, and some kitchen stuff.
On the way home, we decided to pick some cherries.

There were SO MANY!!! They were dark and delicious!
I am always a country girl at heart..I love taking pictures of hay and or sprinklers in the field.

One of the many pictures of this sunset on the way home.
I am trying to get mom to take all of us girls to California this summer. So far, I haven't succeeded:(

                                 The scene on the way home...I love it..I took lots of pics.


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