Wedding Weekend

I thought I should probably post a bit about my very exciting trip to Calgary last weekend! My cousin's who I am very close to) daughter got married, and A and I were invited to go. He doesn't like to go to large family events, and I do pick my battles, but I really wanted to go. I was going to drive out with Vienna, but we thought it would be too expensive (yes, I am poor...all.the.time). In the end A and K ended up going, so I went with them. I was able to take Friday off, and I went to A and K's house Thursday night, so we could all get up and leave and some insane hour in the morning. Well, I ended up getting a cold a few days before, and I was so not impressed, so I started taking meds like they were going out of style. I ended up putting on some Thieves balm that my student's mom gave me a few weeks back. And let me tell worked!

I didn't sleep well the night before, due to V coming in late (due to helping a friend deliver her baby, she ended up coming with us, instead of going out the day earlier with J and C), and my not feeling well, so I think I got like 2 hours sleep. We ended up leaving at 330 am! Ugh! I did manage to sleep...H? Not so much. The trip went well (though we were squishy), and we only made two or three stops, and got to Calgary around 12. First stop was to see my grandparents. Grandpa fell last spring, and since then, he has been getting worse with this much that Grandma couldn't take care of him due to her own health issues. I was so glad that I was able to see him again. I was also glad that I saw him last year (you can read about that trip here). It was almost a year to the wknd (and a year ago MD wknd) that I was in Calgary. I think I have counted that I have only been to Calgary 6 yrs since I moved nearly 13 years ago (I don't get out much!). I am so glad that I seen G-pa last year, so that I wouldn't be so shocked to see on how we was doing this year. I would have loved to have spent time with him, but we only had so much time, and that was the day that had been allotted for them (and they knew that). We spent about 4 hours with them, and H was so good! We all got nice visits in, and we got to see where my grandma's new place was. She has just moved in to be closer to him (separate wing, but still super close). After leaving them, we went to our cousins and his wife's place to have burgers and chips and all kinds of food. It was a nice evening. We got back to my aunt and uncle's (my cousin's parents) just up the street. I think I went to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Saturday was Wedding Day!! Uncle Rick fed us a lovely brunch, and then we all got read to go. Vienna did my hair, which turned out quite nicely. We left for the wedding around 1. The ceremony was lovely, and M was beautiful! Her dress was a mermaid-style lace dress, which I am not normally not a huge fan of, but she looked really amazing!! Between the ceremony and reception, our cousin-in-law (yes, it IS a real word!) invited us over to their house. We ate more (b/c clearly, we don't eat enough!), and had a nice visit. The reception was held in a Austrian club hall, in which they had decorated really nice. We had a nice buffet...I think my favourite was the prime rib...yum!, and cheesecake for dessert. Due to a mix up on who could have the wedding cake, I didn't get any, but since I am not a huge cake fan, I wasn't super sad. We all danced until 10:30, and came home around 11 pm.

                                                  Vienna did a great job of my hair!
                                                          Vienna and I all ready to go!
                                              C, myself, V, J, and K right after the ceremony.

                                                           The ceremony
                                                    I miss living in Calgary sometimes.
                                  I took this of the head table. It is blurry, but I kind of like it.
                                               The close up of the head table.
                                               The centre pieces. I loved them!

                                                       The cookies were very good!
                                                   Where the gifts and cards went.

The next day, Sunday, we had brunch and my cousins house, and then at around 1:00, we left towards home. The trip home went well. Vienna went with J and C, so there was more room in the back. We made two stops on the way home, and arrived around 8:30. I stepped into the house around 9. All in all, it was a great trip, and I am SO glad I went!

                                           Leaving the foothills.


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