Sunday, May 21, 2017

Five on Friday

Happy Victoria Day Weekend Sunday!!! I hope you are all having a great wknd. Ours is...well, interesting! Ha! I will talk more about it on Tuesday, when I do a weekend wrap up.

Here are the five from this last week:

1) Wedding Weekend

Last weekend (which I will do a post about that), I went to a family wedding, and I had a great time visiting with family and friends. I always love connecting with family who I don't see very often, and last weekend was  no exception. Plus, we had free food and wine :)

2) Four Day Weekend

This weekend is a four day weekend for our school. It was PD day on Friday, and we EA's didn't have  any training, and combined it with tomorrows holiday Monday, well, you do the math.

3) Warm Weather

We are finally getting some warm/hot weather!!! It was up to 30C today, and 26C yesterday. Anger put in the A/C in the house yesterday, and we love it.

4) Blogger-tunity

A blogger reached out to me last week, and asked if I wanted to participate in something, and I said no, but I am going to do something else, so, stay tuned!

5) New PJ Pants

Yah, I am really reaching for the bottom of the barrel here, but I really happy that I got new PJ pants yesterday, and I love them. A few years back (well, 15 yrs ago), I bought PJ's, I just don't...mainly due to money, buy them as much. I bought a pair over a year ago, and these PJ pants were the first ones I have bought since then.

I could do the usual...IRL friends (Work, family, etc), FB Community, etc...but I am very grateful for them a lot (and I am very grateful), so it is nice to put a few "new" ones in the mix. I can say that I am grateful that I have a husband who does all the gardening, cooks (sometimes), bakes (sometimes), and cleans (sometimes!

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