A Tale of Two Weekends (and Too Much TV)/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

I am slooooowly learning to love Mac :) Or, at least, put up with it. I actually am rather liking it (though, I haven't used any office/word processing software, and I think that that would drive me insane learning all about it), and there are things about that I can see why people would love a Mac over a PC.

I seem to be not into blogging as much...not really sure why. I didn't do a FOF post, nor did I do a TToF, nor did I do a Show and Tell Tuesday last Tuesday. I won't even open the Mac at times...choosing only to use my phone and or Tablet (I can play Train game on the Tablet, and it's faster...yay!!). I finally put in a dvd into the Mac the other day, and I really like on how it works...it is actually simpler than my PC...or at least, more efficient. Go figure!

So...our last two weekends...let's digress, shall we?

TWO weekends ago (April 21-23):

Friday: After work, I met K at the library for a few minutes, then I grabbed gas, and came home, and then Anker and I went to our friends place a half hour from our house for supper. We had a lovely dinner of Chicken Cordon Bleu, salad, asparagus and scalloped potatoes, with a chocolate torte cake for dessert. We stayed until nearly 10 pm. We even enjoyed the Northern Lights on the way home.

Saturday: I actually woke up at a half-decent time, and tried to meet A, K, and H at the first Farmers' Market of the year, but they had left already, so I wandered it alone. It was fun to get out and see the stalls, etc. I also got a yummy scone, and I bought a tomato plant. I ran a few errands, and I was back by 12. I came back for a bit, and then went back out to McD's to grab a snack/lunch, and read magazines. Then I went to the library. I came home and watched much too much tv, and then my friend came over and we had planned on going for a walk, but we ended up going for a drive, then a short walk instead, as it was raining. We had a great visit, and went exploring, which is always fun.

Sunday: I went to church, as I had to do nursery, and then I went over to A, K, and H's for lunch, and a chat. I think I came home soon after, and spent some time with Anker outside. I ended up having our next door neighbour over for a glass of red wine. I watched tv, and read magazines, and then went to bed.

Now, this last weekend:

Thursday: I actually came down with some weird heartburn/acid reflux-thing starting on Wednesday, and I still have it. I ended up leaving early from work on Thursday, and I came home and had a nap. I nearly went to the hospital, but I thought I would feel better in the morning. I did. Sort of.

Friday: I ended up staying home, though I probably could have gone it. It was nice to have an extra day to try to sleep it off, and really keep an eye on it. I ran one quick errand, but other than that, I stayed home. I watched more tv, and I read mags. And yes, I ended up popping Pepto-Bismal and Gaviscon all wknd.

Saturday: Anker and I slept in, and then we went to a virtual/walk-in Dr, to get Anker's meds refilled (long story). We were there for over an hour, and I ended  up reading most of my magazine while I waited. We then wen to the Green Living Expo, which was really fun. I usually go to things for the free swag, and for the draws :) Anker got some plants, and ended up meeting the leader of the Green Party, and he said that he enjoyed talking with him (we somehow got separated, so I wasn't able to be involved in that opportunity). We came home, and then I went back out to the library, and then came home, and watched more tv.

Sunday: Saturday night, I started feeling really bad. I almost went to the hospital again. Anker thought that it wasn't a big deal, but once I started getting heart pains, I got all worried and called our local BC Health Link Line. They suggested that I go in, so I drove myself (yes, Anker stayed home...yah, I wasn't too happy with him for a few hours), and was in and out in just over 3 hours. They did an ECG, and blood work (when I went seven years ago, they didn't even do an O2 Sat level!!), so I was happy that they at least did that. They also checked my O2 Sat, and my BP (all four tests came out fine). They said that I have heartburn/acid reflux, and gave me some meds (it is an OTC med, but I took it as an RX), and I have made an appt with my doctor for next week. It still hurts when I eat and sometimes drink, and I still cough when I eat as well, but at least my HB is gone, and I don't have any problems when I sleep (coughing, etc).  I grabbed my meds, and a decaf drink at Starbucks, and then came home. I watched too much tv, and went to sleep.

So, those are my/our last couple of weekends. It seems that I will have to do an over haul of my diet...no/little sugar, little to no wheat, and very little caffeine. That makes me sad.  #firstworldproblems. I need to do a bit of research on this, and I have joined a few HB/GERD groups on FB, and I just joined Patient GERD forum (I was already in/on this, for another forum), so I hope that I will be able to glean some info.

Yes, I watch too much tv. I record WAY too many shows (I actually just deleted a bunch without watching them). I mainly watch movies on W, and Bravo, a few shows on TLC (I love My 600lb Life), Judge Judy, Y&R, some cooking shows, and of course, Grey's and Big Bang. I also love Dateline, but I didn't end up watching a lot of them, so I deleted about 20 episodes. I am sure they will come back this summer. I find that I won't even watch movies that I get out of the library, nor will I watch my own movies very much...as I am watching too much tv, and yes, it gets overwhelming. So, I just delete the shows I don't want to watch, and watch what I want to. Life is too short to worry about such frivolous issues, which really aren't issues at all. Speaking of movies...I watched Fences that other day, and I was underwhelmed, I gotta say. It was ok, and all, but it wasn't my favourite movie, though Viola did do a great job!

I am also going to link up with Tiffany @ The Dwelling Tree for Let's Be Friends Blog Hop!


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