Five on Friday

Happy Thursday/Friday!  I hope your week has been lovely!!

Here are my faves from the week:

1) Kahjianna Kinshosa was born on May 23rd, weighing 6lbs 10z. She is my new niece, y'all! My brother Seth, and his wife Naomi (who's wedding we went to two years ago), and I cannot wait to meet her! Her name is pronounced caw gee anna.

2) We got a/c in our house the other day, and in our car today. Anker was able to find it at a local store  for $80, vs going to the shop for $150. I hope that it lasts at least for a few weeks (there is a leak).

3) I had an impromptu visit with my friend Jill and her two kids yesterday. She tracked me down at my second home (, and we had very nice short visit. I also had a nearly two hour visit with my brother last night. He never calls me (well, not often), and we always have nice visits when we do.

4) I am looking forward to the summer. We will be celebrating 10 yrs of marriage the end of July, and I am taking a one week course on Autism, which should be fun. Not sure what else will be going down, but I have things in the iron (in the works), as far as a job goes.

5) I am going to an Epicure party tonight (I am leaving soon), and I met up with some church friends for a potluck on Monday (I will do a weekend wrap up post soon). We had a lovely time, and lots of yummy food....and I only had one serving of pie (I love pie).


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