Five On Friday

Happy Cinco De Mayo (Weekend!)!! My nephew, H had his bday on Friday, so he is our CDM Baby. We are also having tacos/burritos tonight (Sunday).

Is anyone else happy that Friday is here? I am! It's been a week, and I am glad that the wknd is here!!! It's now Sunday afternoon/evening :) I have spent much of the weekend watching tv and on the computer, however, I did do some cleaning and some organizing, so it has been somewhat productive.

Here are the top fives from/of the week:

Class Field Trip

On Tuesday, our class wen not a field trip with another class to release some salmon that had been in the the school for the last couple of months. It was an all school day field trip, and it was a gorgeous day! We had hot dogs and marshmallow, and had a couple of walks, and enjoyed the sun.

A Caring Online/IRL Community

With me not feeling well, and just feeling tired and exhausted in general, it's been a bit of a tough week. I posted on Facebook that I felt like crying, and everyone was so sweet and caring, asking on how I was, etc. Everyone at work was so kind and caring, too.

Midnight Mocha

My friend took me to Starbucks on Friday after school, and we both at the midnight mint mocha. It was really good!!!

Walk/Date with Anker

Thursday night, Anker and I went for a walk. We hadn't done something like that in awhile, due to his not being able to get outside when it is chilly. We had a lovely walk and talk. Last Saturday, we went to the Green Expo together, which was nice.

Warm Weather

I think spring has finally arrived! It sure took long enough!!!

I hope you had a great week, and that your wknd is going well!! Here's to a much better week than last. I am linking with:


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