Doctor's Appts, and the Like

Just a quick update...yes, I am alive..and doing quite well. We have had some cool weather and some rain this week, with very little sun. Quite a difference from the HOT weather in April we had, for sure.

Nothing too exciting going on. Just hanging out, watching tv, reading..etc. I have started reading books for the first time in about a year. I do admit that I like Danielle Steel books (well, most of them), and I just finished (almost finished one) reading her two newer ones. I think my next book I will read is a book my mom gave me for my birthday about two years ago. It looks good, but a bit sad.

Last weekend was very quiet...just basically hung around and didn't do a whole lot. I do go to a movie with a friend.."The Backup Plan", which was quite cute, and I also read a lot. We also went to friends BBQ, which was very was "BYOM", so I brought a lamb chop, and it was sooo good!! I also went to a Mary Kay party (at the same friends) on Friday, and it was fun getting glammed up!!

My parents celebrated their 36th anniversary. I think they spent the afternoon/evening together, which was nice. They almost always go out for a date night every week..soo sweet:)

I had a bit of a scare..ok, not scare, but more of a concern..yesterday. Actually, it started on Friday, JUST AFTER I went to see my doctor. I started having pain in my right leg, and my foot was sore..almost like it was when I had my blood clot, while I was in the hospital. I went to the WI clinic, JUST to be wasn't swollen, or hot, so that was good (which I obviously knew), but I just wanted to double check. He said it was fine, and he knew that I didn't want to fool around with something like that, so I didn't feel TOO stupid about going in. Kamloops only has two WI clinics now, and with you having to pay for ER parking, I just decided to go to the WI clinic. An interesting thing..I noticed that the DR who dismissed me at the hospital worked there..I asked who the doc on call was...sooo glad it wasn't the same guy..otherwise..HE would have been given an earful:)

Speaking of doctors..Anker and I went to Vancouver May 17-18. We saw my Lung/Respiralogist, Dr. Ryan. We started out at 9:45 from Kamloops, and got into Vancouver about 1:15 or so. It was a nice drive. We quickly went to lunch, and had a nice walk around the VGH hospital campus (as we had to park about 3 blocks away). The appt went well. My pulmonary function is up to 50% from 40%, so better than it was. I also do well when I am walking with out O2. One kind of sad thing was that we asked him about my getting pregnant, he said no...or that I shouldn't. We are going to talk to my gyne on June 14..and see what he says. Each DR says something different. It may just be too risky.

After the appt, Anker wanted to show me a park that he went to awhile ago. We had a nice walk, and it was a cool day, but not COLD/RAINY, so that was lovely. We went to his sisters place for supper, and we ended up just saying the night. We had the mattress in our car anyway, and I had packed just in case, so it all worked out. After a nice breaky, we all went to IKEA, and we shopped around, and then came home in terrible rainy weather.

I also saw the Internal Medicine Specialist this last week. She was the doctor who sent me to VGH. She said that I was doing well.

I am starting to (sort of) look for work. I have decided to not apply for any disability, b/c I really don't think I will get any. I went to THEO (now called Open Door Group), and they are going to switch me to another program, which makes me wonder why they didn't do this before?? (like last year??), but I guess this is all in God's timing. I guess it has more support, financially, etc, and I may even get a job sooner. I hope to have a job before I go to my brother's wedding in June.

I am getting excited about my brother's wedding. I was looking through my friends blog archives today, and I came across an entry where they stayed a campground in/near where the wedding is going to we called, and we got ourselves a campsite!! We really can't afford to stay in a hotel (again, unless I get a job, and start work, and get paid before we leave), along with a ferry ride, etc. I just hope it's not And we did make sure that it is near the wedding site...and they say it is..woo-hoo. This allows us to maybe go out for a couple of meals, and maybe go to the Butchart Gardens in Victoria.

I guess that is it for now....


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