Maybe it's the Friday night blues..I don't know, but I feel kind of blah tonight:( I haven't felt well all afternoon, and it's a bit concerning. I feel a bit bloated, and Anker says my stomach seems a bit larger. The scale has stayed the same for a week, and while that is nice, I would rather be losing. So, I am wondering, while I am not gaining fat, maybe I am gaining fluid? We are heading to see Dr. Frank Ryan in Vancouver on Monday for the day, so I am hoping that he can help and see what is up.

Actually, today has been rather nice. I pretty much just read and did laundry all day...I had to run out to the bank earlier, but that was pretty much it. I felt spoilt, today, as two nights in a row, Anker has made supper! Earlier this evening, I just sat outside, and read my was sooo nice and warm!!

So, last weekend, Anker and went to my parents place for Mother's Day. We had been half planning to go, especially since Mom had done SO MUCH for me while I was in the hospital. Then, when the church announced they were having a work bee that same weekend (we went out for a day a few weeks before), Anker wanted to be involved. So, we all piled in the car (yes, with my sleeping machine), and after a quick supper at Subway, we headed out. It was a great weekend, and I am really glad we went. Mom had be paint base-boards, of which I had never done before..I had never painted at all before..Can you believe it? It was a lot of fun, and about 20 ppl came out!

Saturday night, Anker, Joseph, Cadence, Vienna, and myself went out for supper, and back to J&C's house for a visit, and a movie (not really a movie...but hard to explain).

Sunday was Mother's Day, and we had a nice breakfast, and a great Sunday service. Dad preached the best sermon I had heard him preach..ok..he always preaches good sermons, but I really enjoyed this one. I was a bit blah that morning, b/c of not being a mom, etc. Then to top it off, a friend of my aunts (the were both sitting beside us), thought I was pregnant! I think it was b/c everyone kept asking me how I was. She handled it very nicely, and I didn't say anything to her friend (good thing, b/c I might have been rude about I was feeling better after church, and we all went home to work on yard work (what mom wanted to do), and get lunch ready. It ended up being a later lunch, so we didn;t have any supper. I had lamb chops, since I have to be careful of the salt, and everyone else had wieners/smokies. Had ice cream and berries for dessert, and then we all headed our separate ways.

This week has been pretty good..nothing too exciting, really. Just a beautiful week for the most part. We were going to go to The ranch this weekend, but we thought Anker had to work, so we didn't end up going. He came back from work this morning, saying that the event at the church had been cancelled, so we could have gone, but with our going to Vanc. on Monday, we just decided to stay put.

Will update more Tuesday after we come back


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