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It's for another LL post!!

What can I say?

We finally got our A/C in our car fixed. We now have A/C in our house...all I can say is..Yay!!!

Our garden is growing, y'all! And we got our first strawberry this year from the garden. Yummy!

I am getting a Barium Swallow done in July to rule out any swallowing issues. My issues that I did have seemed to have been left me for now.

The right side of my neck and should hurt. It started on Friday afternoon/evening, and it hasn't really gotten better. It think it may have to do with all the time I spend on my computer and phone, and probably reading all my magazines!!

Our road is completely torn up. It is kind of annoying, and smelly! They are putting in a new sewer line, so we can smell sewer (even more than usual). It's gross. I hope that they get that part of it done soon.

I got my school staff and class pictures back last week. I have them sitting very proudly in our room. I might end up buying some cheap frames to put them in.

Only two more weeks left of school. I cannot wait! I know I will miss them this summer, but I am looking forward to the break.

Our class went swimming 8 out of the last 10 (school) days, and I really loved it. It broke up our afternoons, and today, we were all talking on how the day kind of went on and on, and on how tired we were...and realized that it was b/c we weren't going swimming today...sadness! The children now think that swimming is over, so school must be over, so they can be all crazy....umm..yah, no! Ha!

I also discovered that the park/swimming pool within walking distance to my house. I met up with my friend on our walk last wk, and I realized that it was super close (I knew that it was close, but I didn't know that it was THAT close!). So I expect that I will be spending a lot of time there!

I saw my friend's daughter at church yesterday. She was in our wedding as Flower Girl 10 yrs ago! Oh boy...did I feel old! She is almost 19, and she looks just like her mom! We talked about adult things...and I just am old!!! #thestruggleisreal #iamold

I adulted hard last week, and I bought a T-Fal fry pan (that we still need to use..ha!). It was for my birthday. Anker had gotten a GC from CT awhile back (he got it bc he had spent a certain amount), and he told me to go and buy myself something for my birthday (he doesn't shop for gifts much, though, to his credit, he did try to find something for me at the dollar store). It was 20 bucks down from $70. #adultingishardyo

It was super hot/muggy here in town, but when we got to my parents', we were FREEZING! I had to make a freaking fire! IN JUNE! Yah, I wasn't impressed..I was, however, impressed that I made a fire!! #shesstillgotskillz

We have some hard-core flooding here in town (well, all around the Interior, really). I went down twice last (June 2nd) week to one of the local parks, and the river was up pretty far into the parking lot. Then, my friend and I went down around 6 (three hours later), and the river had come up even more! It has receded a bit now (I went down last Wednesday, and it had gone down a lot), but it was kind of scary there, for awhile.

My niece's baby shower is next week, and I am head down there for the day for it. It will be great to see my brother and his wife, and of course, the new baby! It should be a fun day!

I have been watching various tv shows, and movies (either on TV or on DVD) lately. I was into a few shows on HGTV, but I was getting overwhelmed by all of the various episodes (I would set the PVR to whenever they would come on), so I just ended up deleting the series. I still want to watch THE FOUNDER, and a few others. I hope that since no good shows will be on this summer that I will be able to watch my own movies that I have, as well as maybe finish watching FRASIER. and of course TBBT, and FRIENDS.

Last week was our last Chapel of the school year. During the year, the older kids get buddied up with the younger kids (I think this is the first year that they have done this..though the K's and Grade 12's have always been buddied up). It has been really fun, and neat the see the older buddies with their younger buddies. Once a month, we did a project with the buddies, and it was really fun. Well, last week was our last "real" chapel of the year, and we had an entire school chapel (i think they only do this twice a year), and it was super fun! It was held out in the court yard, and the kids had a ton of fun  jumping around, singing, and doing the Congo Line. I hope we do it again next year.

I am getting a night guard, and I only have to pay $23 of it! They did 5 impressions awhile back, then they wanted me back to to the bottom...and while I was there, they said that they need to the do the top again, too! I nearly threw up this time. Thankfully, my friend (who is also a CDA) was there, and that helped. I told them that if they needed to do it again, I wasn't getting the night guard!

I was able to test some products out for a friend who does Arbonne (well, I have two friends who do it, but this person gave me some things to test out), and I really liked them. I will try to do a short review on my blog about it the next while.

Just a quick recap on LAST (June 2-4): Friday, I went to a BBQ at my friends house, then I met up for coffee with some other friends after a co-worker's bridal shower dinner. Saturday, I hung out, then I ran a few errands. I went to CT to grab shop for gifts, and then my friend and I got a Starbucks drink, and went for a walk. Then we drove down to the river to check out the water levels. Sunday, I had full intentions of going to church, but Anker and I ended up talking, and we watched the news. I sat outside for awhile, reading, then I went to H's soccer game. We grabbed a quick drink and snack afterwards, and then I came home. I think I watched a movie or something in the evening, and went to bed (late, as usual)!

I will do a birthday weekend recap/wrap up either tomorrow or Wednesday. It will be epic, let me tell you!!!

I think that about sums up our life. I like doing things LL posts in point form...they make it easy and not has long and stressful.

Here are some pics to end off this post:

 Road construction near our has gotten worse since this picture was taken.

My T-Fal pan :)

Shall we gather at the River? :)


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