Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Weekend Recap: Birthday Edition (from 2.5 weeks ago!)Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Well, I realize that this is from 3 weeks ago, but I did want to do a short post about it, b/c it was a nice wknd.

A number of weeks ago, Mom and I had talked about my birthday weekend, and what I would like to do...she suggested that we come to the ranch, as they would be having H for the wknd, and before we all left, we could go out for supper. It was such a good idea, that I went for it!!

Friday was my actual birthday, and I was greeted at school with cards, gifts, and coffee! It was a lovely day, and we had two cupcake parties (another student in our class has the same birthday as me), as I brought cupcakes to share. Right after school, I went downtown to pick up my Steaped Tea order, dropped them off with my friend, came home and got Anker, finished packing, and then headed on up the hill to White Spot for supper. I kind of wanted it semi kid-friendly, as Mom and Dad were looking after H that wknd (b/c SOMEONE got married on my birthday, after they forgot that a certain sister had a birthday that, I won't let them ever forget about, as A and K were away on their anniversary wknd. No matter...we all still had fun without them!!! From Mom and Dad, I got a lovely set of SKORTS and a beautiful pink top. A and K gave me a gardening set (planter basket, gloves and stepping stones). H insisted on giving me this funny talking monkey that he found. Mom may or may not have given me a kids activity sheet that comes with the kids menu. I may or may not have done it :) I have always loved doing them...not sure why..probably because I got bored waiting for food, and I love to doodle..and that was pre-phone era. After dinner, we all car pooled to the ranch. We were so tired, that after a short visit, we all went to bed (Vienna is in the States finishing up her midwife training, otherwise she would have been involved in my birthday shenanigans). Isaac was there when we got home, Aunty June and Uncle Ted were around, and V and J were in ON, so I wasn't able to see them.

Saturday, I slept in, and we all hung out for the morning. I made scones that I got from Steaped Tea, and they were really good. I did dishes, read magazines, and watched the rain come down. Poor Mom was planning on us helping put up their new pool, but the rain didn't let us do it. Dad also wanted to move sheep, and we were all going to be involved in/with that, but the rain didn't let us do that, either. Mom and H coloured/painted and drew a picture, and I read. Mom and I helped C clean out one of the cabins for an hour or so. Then we headed back. Anker and I went for a walk, and he helped the guys change the oil in one of the quads. Dad and I went to check out the sheep, and I wanted to see the new guard dog, Max. OMGoodness, he is SO sweet!!! We came back, and had supper, and then we watched a girly (Hallmark) movie. I love Hallmark movies!!! I went to bed around 11.

Sunday was church, then C and I went to Clearwater to grab lunch, and to do a bit of shopping. I found my sandals at Field's, which I love, and a few other fun things. She dropped me off at June and Ted's, and we had a visit, and then June drove me home, and Anker and I got ready to leave. We brought H home and met his parents on the highway (don't worry, we stopped before letting him out!!), and came home and hung out all evening. It was a great wknd, probably the best I had had in awhile. I loved that my mom had the idea of me coming out there for my bday! She has such good ideas, that mom of mine!

Here are some pics from the wknd! Most of them are also on IG.

 My co-worker gave me these Color By Amber Bracelets. (skinnies? Thinnies?) I love them!!!

 Color By Amber
                         The gifts I got when I got to work. I have the best co-workers!! I also got another GC to/for Starbucks on the Monday after my birthday.

I bought myself some sushi to have for lunch on my birthday!

Supper at White Spot. Yum!

It was so cold, that I made a fire..A FIRE, PEOPLE! Nothing says June like a roaring fire!
I did manage to make and keep a fire going. Twice. You're welcome.

The scones that I made...yum!

 Isn't Max just the cutest!!??
And what is a birthday post without a birthday (wknd) selfie?

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