Well, I really ought to be in bed, but I came on to the computer, to see if I had "won" a gift for hubby that I had bidded on, and I did:) I guess that means I have to pay it now!

This week has a been a bit blah. On Sunday night, a well-known and liked couple from my home town were killed coming back from Kamloops (I am assuming that that was where they were coming from). My family knows his dad, and one and probably more of them knew Skye. They were both teachers (she was actually my friends little boys teacher), and she was pregnant with their first baby. I don't usually get upset about things that aren't directly linked to me. But this really got me. First, anything sad that happens before Christmas is sooo, well, sad. Second, they could have been anyone of our family members driving! A and K go so often btwn the towns, and it just could have been so easily them!Well, any of us, really. I hate driving on bad roads (which these were), so now it just makes driving even more stressful. I thought about them all day Monday (which was when I heard about it) and Tuesday.

Today, I feel a bit blah. I ran out and did a few things on my own. Again. I LOVE getting out and doing stuff solo, don't get me wrong. But there are a few times when I would also love to have someone come with me. I guess the thing that ticked me off the most was that I honestly cannot remember the last time that someone called (emailed, whatever) me up and askd me SPECIFICALLY for me to come for coffee, or shopping. Yes, I will say that I have met up with people (ok, one my SIL's called me up to meet her on saturday at the mall), and that has been fun, but I guess today, I wasn't feeling the love. To be fair, I think if I had waited a few more hours, hubby would have come with me, but I had to meet up with someone to give them an Avon product that they wanted. I ended up reading at Starbucks, then I went into Chapters, and read my book from the library for a bit. I went to the pool, which was nice, but I don't like going there alone. I went to the mall, and grabbed supper,then came home. I dunno, I just don't have a lot (or even really a few) ppl that I can call up and hang with. Yes, I have my lady friends from our church, but I don't really call them up to go to the mall. I did ask two people to come with me (well, three, actually), but they were busy. I just HATE always being the one that initiates things. I mean, I know we are all busy, but so am I! I have asked one of my friends about going for coffee, even telling her to bring her kids, about 20 times, and she is always busy. Yes, Hubby and I do things together, and I love that, but I love to hang with my GF's, too!!! Ok..end of rant!!

Ok...I wanted to quickly say something about a Bible Study that we ladies at our church were doing. I hope I can explain it properly. We had been doing a video/bible study by Ray VanderLaan. He did this series from the Holy Land. Something he said really struck me...He talked about PS 23, and how "green pastures", and having "enough for now". When sheep are grazing in the Holy Land, most of the places (or at least the places we saw) were all rocks, but underneath the rocks (and around) there was grass, etc growing. They would walk from one rock, to another, feeding on the right amount of grass. This totally made me think. Even at home, my dad doesn't like to put the sheep in a HUGE amount of green pastures...why? Because they can eat too much, and either get sick or die. In fact, a lot of the time (if I am corrected) he will let the sheep graze in a field that has either just been hayed, or that maybe doesn't have a lot of green grass yet (or after the horses have been there). Anyway, I thought that was such an interesting conept..just eat enough for now. I really needed to hear that. I am so stressed with life, my marriage not being what I thought or want it to be, finances, no babies...but I think if we are given too much at a time, we get sick. We get complacent. We greedy, and fat (lol). We stop relying on God. Or we think we have it all..that we are the perfect Christian. If we SOLELY rely on Jesus for our needs, then we don't need to worry where or how they will be met. I hope this makes sense for you. It did to me.

So, I got my final grades for this semester. I got a C+, C, 2 A-'s, and one A. I felt pretty good about them.I hope next semester, I do a bit better. All in all, I think I did ok, for someone who is in her 30's has a slight learning disability, and who hasn't been to school in 20 years.

I can't remember the last time I wrote in this, so I will very quickly cap off my wknd. I am sure that when I am done, you will wonder WHY I said what I said above...lol..it was very people orientated.

On Thursday, and Friday,I looked after Baby. We had a fun time, as usual. On Friday night, my friend Jill came into town, and we went to Starbucks and Walmart, just like we used to do, when she lived here. Fun times. Saturday, I went to coffee with my ladies from church, the library, then I met up with my girls from school. We had a nice lunch, but it was very quick, as I only had parked for 2 hours, and i had parked 10 minutes from the restuaruant. Met up with my Sister, and sister in law at the mall. I came home, and we just hung out and had a quiet evening . Sunday, church, and then we went to the TVCO Christmas concert. We usually do that every year (but I think we skipped last year. We came home and just hung out...so, that was my (our) wknd.

I think that is all for now....I have cancelled my specialist appt for Monday, as we really can't afford me going on a trip when we are going there again barely a week later.

My newest article is out in the Kamloops Momma Magaszine if you wanted to have a look.. Just type it in Go0glle (or look it up on F@acebook) and it will give you the URL.

If I don't write another post before Christmas, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their families and friends!

Oh...we are doing things a bit different this year, as we didn't feel like puting up a tree, etc. I did find a small tree at dollar store, and i put some lights around it. That was all...oh, and i will put up my Nativivity scene tomorrow.


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