A Tragic Week

Last week was a very tragic week, not just in our valley, but in North America. My heart hurt for those children and adults who were tragically killed last Friday. These are the times where I question God, ask Him why bad things happen. I hope they will heal, and in time, bring hope to others. I was alos appalled at the two other shootings in the US. I just don't understand why people would do such a thing. At the same time as the shooting at Sandy Hook was taking place, there was a stabbing of school kids in China.The world definetly needs a Saviour!!

Last Saturday, I spent over 6 hours in the kitchen, baking cookies!!I had such a fun time. I sent some of them to our neighbours, gave some to friends, and family, and then a few to the church. The rest I will take with us when we go. I actually may make another batch of gingersnaps, since they are all gone, are easy to make, and they taste yummy!!

I have been really busy the last few days. Between cooking, running errands, cleaning, and packing, I have barely touched a book, although I did start and finish the new Danielle Steel book. I actually have had a few days where I havent been feeling well, and or tired. So, last night, after my errands, I just hung out in our room and relaxed. I really needed it. I started feeling better almost immideately. Monday I spent most of the day watching Christms movies. I loved it. Tuesday, I spent most of the morning cleaning up, and getting rid of books. Wednesday, I got up early and met with my practicum supervisor. I did a few errands, drove my brother to the airport, and ran a few errands. I met up with my mom, and a friend who I hadnt seen in months. Thursday, I just ran some errands, and hubby and I spent some time doing last minute Christmas shopping. Yes, it is ALL done!!! I am not sure that I have ever been done this early. Sadly, two of hubbys pressies (which I had ordered thru eBay), and to be fair, I didn't order it until just earlier this week), won't be here for Christmas. Oh well...I have one pressie for him to unwrap, anyway. And for once, I think that hubby surprised me and bought me something that is a surprise! Ok, I do have some idea, but it is quite rare that he buys and wraps something up for me. I think last year my gift was the camer and older laptop, and another year, i saw what he got me...and another year, I knew that he would buy me the current season of ER that I wanted.

Today, I just basically lazed around, didnt get dressed until 3, and watched Christmas episodes of ER!! It was such a fun day. I then braved the weather and parking lots to grab some magazines for the trip, and of course, a trip to Starbucks!

I guess that is all for now.I am glad that we all survived the end of the world!

Merry Christmas!


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