Christmas Re-Cap

As I am writing this, I have "The Sound of Music" playing in the backround. I love that movie. I watch it all during the year, not just at Christmas.

It also started snowing (again!) today, as I was out and about. As if we need more snow!! It does look pretty, though.I am still playing Christmas music...I may even keep a few back to listen to during the year:)

Well, our Christmas wasn't the greatest, but at least it was relaxing!! We left to go to Victoria EARLY Sunday morning. After stopping for breaky at McDonald's, we hit the road by 7. We made great time, getting to Tsawassen by 11, allowing us to get the noon sailing. We barel had time to walk around, before being called to get in our cars to board the boat!! I never even got my Starbucks!! We go to his sisters about 230. We had a good half day to spend together, so that was good. We ended up going downtown Victoria to look at the Festival of Lights, and we also ended up having a free carriage ride!! I think that was the highlight!!

We came home, and had perogies, after doing some grocery shopping. I had to laugh at the amount of groceries they got...the cart was a quarter full, and they said that they had never bought so many!! They sure don't eat a lot!!! Anyway...we just had a relaxing evening..we watched Miracle on 34th ST, which was great...and we went to bed. The next morning, I got up (Hubby had gotten up before me), and I watched The Nativity Story. We just hung out for most of the day...we did go for a walk to the ocean, which was really neat. Went out to watch the lights, and when we came home Miss G (8 yrs old) told us she had gotten carsick. Lovely. We ended up watching The Polar Express, which I actualy liked. We went to bed around 11 or so, after filling up the stockings.

Miss G had thown up in the night (twice), and they still insisted that it was carsickness. I am no dummy, I was pretty sure that she had the flu. Anyway...She came down, and we all opened gifts. Hubby gave me some boots, which I had wanted, but I can't wear the knee-length boots, b/c of my legs! I exhanged them yesterday, and the ones I have I really like. I got some earrings, ear buds (which I do need), and a lovely necklace. The rest of the day kind of bombed, though, as Miss G started getting worse. We had a late (and cold) Christmas dinner, and just hung out and went to bed. K said that we should go the nxt day, which kind of bummbed us out, but we didn't what G got, so we thought it best to leave, too.

The whole next morning was awkward. K wanted us to leave, and she nearly pushed us out the door. She made us a lunch, and quickly told us goodbye. I thought the whole thing a bit awkward, but at least we did something different, and the concenus is that we will spend every Christmas with my family, if we spend it others...Hubby has fit right in with everyone, which has been a blessing. The experience of being with his sister was (as always) a bit interesting...she NEVER lets us help, she barely lets us bring/buy any food to help out. Hubby brought chocolates, and I brought cookies, and they barely acknowledged his chocolates or my cookies...i mean, how rude is that? They barely say think you for things...or acknowledge that they have rec'd something from you. G got more pressies than any child should...she has no g-rents, or aunts/uncles (other than us), so I guess her parents feel that she needs to get 12 presents. G DID however, say Thank You, which she normally doesn't do.  They doted on her hand and foot..which was annoying!! She definitely has the spoiled/only child syndrome. I have never seen a child get her way ALL the time. Anyway, despite her being sick, they kept feeding her. Nice.

Anyway...the trip home BD went ok. We got on the noon sailing again, and we got lost trying to connect to the 1 Hwy. The road was fine until Hope, and then it got nasty. We made good time, though, as we got home around 630.

I will do a quick year cap when I do my new years post...if I do one:)


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