A few Friday Fives

Five on Friday: Legacy Edition

There are a few things that I have noticed since Matt died that I thought required a "Friday Five" post. Here are a few (mainly from the Funeral last Friday).

1. He is with Jesus.

I don't know on how anyone deals with a death if they don't have Jesus in their life. I am SO comforted knowing that He is with Jesus. He is in a better place. We will see him again.

2. The church was FULL.

The church held 500 (so ppl said). There were 600 (I am sure of it). Which is a testament on how many people Matt influenced. As well as HOW he influenced them. No one did life like Matt. He didn't have any bad days. He was always happy and smiling. 

3. It Wasn't All Sad.

Yes, there were tears (clearly, not from me-read my other post), but there was laughter too. Lots of laughter. They also had a lovely worship time, lead by his team that he lead worship with. It was beautiful. Again, a testament to who Matt was.

4. They have Lots of Family.

Jill has been surrounded by family since they found Matt. So have his siblings and his parents. The kids will not want for good male role models in their lives. Jill won't be left alone. She has lots of friends and family in town, which is such a blessing.

5. The Funeral Home provides this great Service...

The Funeral home that they used provides to ANYONE who attended the service (or to close family) free counselling for up to three months from the date of the funeral. Isn't that neat? I wish more funeral homes did that. Maybe they do. I don't know.

.....and now for some general Five on Friday Greatness...including some birthday ones!

When I posted about Matt dying, I had mentioned that there were some things that I was loving, despite my not doing a Friday link up. Well, I cannot remember what it was that I was loving....I even looked at my pictures....so, I thought I would start from..well, today, or at least last week...

1. My Birthday Gifts 'n Parties.

Yah, my actual birthday kind of sucked, but the Saturday before hand (well, last Saturday), I had planned to have a garden-yard party/potluck at my house with some of my coffee/church friends. Un-beknowst to me, one of them had talked to Anker to/and let him know that she wanted to turn it into a birthday party! They were able to pull it off :) It was SO fun. Four of them got together and got me/us a lovely back yard swing. Plus, we had some yummy food, including this lovely torte from a local bakery. I had had it before, and I half jokingly requested to my friend who was bringing dessert to bring the torte, which she said she wasn't going to bring. Well, she brought it, which made me happy.

Here are some other gits, and happenings..

The day before my birthday, Adam and Krystle had me (Anker didn't feel like coming over) over for sort my birthday strawberry shortcake. It was very good.

Did I mention that we had it 35C last Monday? It was VERY hot!

On my actual birthday, I took myself out to lunch, and had my free chiro appt. And I got myself my birthday drink from Starbucks. I got a Venti White Chocolate Mocha.
Here are some birthday gifts that I received...

2. A lot of Rain.

Last week, Kamloops got over 50 cm of rain over three days.

Yes, there is a lake in our parking lot. Fun times. At least our garden got some water.

3. Free Starbucks Drinks.

My prayer sister at church gave me a "reveal" gift the other day. A Starbucks card. I got myself a frapiccino and an oat bar.

I also had two (well, now only one) free drinks on my card. I enjoyed one on my birthday. I plan to enjoy another one today.

3. Sandals.

They weren't my birthday gift, nor were they bought with birthday money, but I bought them on my birthday week, so they are sort of like my birthday gift. I bought them at Payless, and they really cute. Not over comfy, but cute

4. Vancouver Trip/Sister Reunion.

Yes, I am combining them in one post. I have already talked about this, but here are the pictures (well, some of them)...
Our trip started with rain and fog. Awesome. Thankfully it cleared up about 2/3's of the way through.

We stayed at The Windsor House Bed and Breakfast, where we usually always stay. We love it. I took more picture of the room, but they didn't turn out very well.
Vietnamese food from the local mall. It was good.
We picked up V from/at the airport. It was SO fun getting to see her!!!
And yes, we each had a Starbucks :)

5. Yummy Food.

I could go on and on about this...but I will only share a few pictures....

 Brunch last Saturday with A and K. Waffles, strawberries, yogurt, maple syrup, and icing sugar. I may have had three of these
 Vietnamese food in Vancouver. I wouldn't say that I LOVED it, but it was nice b/c it was different. I have only had Pho, and those roll-things once. The rest I had never had before.
 Strawberry and peanut butter toast. So good.
 Salmon Spinach Salad. Thanks to the White Spot. So yummy.
I had New York Fries last Monday. They are always so good. And yes, I could drink the gravy. It's that good.

...and a few extras...

Our garden is growing!!!
 We are eating spinach out of our garden...and more things will follow...:)
Aren't these little guys simply adorbs? The escaped while I was going through one of the gates, and promptly began eating the leaves from the tree. I had to lure them with an empty milk bottle.

..and last but not least...

My mom got a new fridge, y'all. And new counter. AND BACK SPLASH!! Back Splash, people!! She knows how to live!!

Now all of her appliances are stainless steel. I LOVE the new counter top and back splash. Now she just needs to pain her cupboards. She has had the same counter top for nearly 23 years, and the cupboards are 40 years old. Well, that's all for this week..I think I have done a big enough post to last for a couple of weeks, right?

This post took me nearly all day (with breaks) to write.


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