Friday Link Ups

Happy Friday, People!!

Yes, Yes, I do realize that Marriage Equality is Legal in the US now. I am not going to comment on that...but I do like the pretty rainbows that keep popping up on my news feed.

Ok..enough of that...

Friday link ups!!!

1) Wedding/Family Wknd

My little brother got married last Saturday! I will do a blog post about it, but for now, I will just say that it was an amazing wknd. I got to spend time with my nephew, H, and I got to see N again, and I finally got to meet L :) We ate. We visited. We ate some more. We had a great wknd. Even Anker enjoyed it.

2) Lots of Hours at work

I picked up two shifts in the last two weeks, and 5 more in July (plus one more on Tuesday). It will help us financially, I am sure. I know I will be super tired...buuuut, what can you do? Besides, the (work) house has A/C.

3) Heatwave

Thanks to our friends to the South (esp, AZ, and NV..yes, I know the US State abbrevs!!-...we are getting a MAJOR heatwave. It is supposed to get up to 40C this wknd. Did I mention that I am (almost) glad I am working? Did I mention that work has A/C? Let's just say that Slurpees have been our friends.

4. My new Toothbrush

It's so soft. And purple. I got it from my dentist visit this last wk. You know on how wen you first get a new toothbrush, it feels really hard? Well, this one doesn't. I think it's by/from GUM.

5) Avon Face Perfector

When I was in Avon, I ordered their Magix Face Perfector, and I absolutely adored it. I ordered some more from my friend. It goes on a lotion, and dries a powder, and it helps protect your face from the

Well, that's all for this week!


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