Othello Tunnels & A Picnic

 ***I thought I would combine two posts in one. Sorry for the random (no connection) post***

I have wanted to stop and see the Othello Tunnels for a few years, but we just kept forgetting about them, or it was yucky weather, or we were in a hurry, etc. Well, I asked Anker if we could stop on the way home from Vancouver, and said that would be a good idea. I asked Vienna if she wanted to go, and she was all for it. Since the weather was good, she wasn't too tired, and we weren't in a huge hurry, we decided to stop on our way home.

OT (as I will refer to them from now on) are about two hours' east of Vancouver, and well worth the drive. You can pack a lunch (or dinner), and have a picnic in the park, at the base of the tunnels. Or you can camp, as there is a campground very close, which is great, especially if you want to make a weekend out of it. The walk through the tunnels is about 20 minutes. There are five tunnels in all, but you can bike or walk beyond them if you chose to. The walk itself is easy. A two year old child could do it. The kids (or adults) can take their bikes, but I would suggest that they don't ride them over the bridges (there are two that we saw). Have your camera ready. I took a million pics. We could have easily have spent another half hour there, but we did want to get back before ***this next part was written Jun 18/15***the evening got away from us.

OT are five tunnels that are essentially cut out from rock on the side of a hill to make way or the trains. This all happened in the 1880's. It's cool, but sad at the same time, cause I know that they used immigrant workers, who worked for no pay, and a lot of people died while they were being built. It is a part of our history that I am proud and also partly no-so-proud of. At any rate, they are great to see, and a great place to let kids and dogs run of some energy, and it's free!!!

Here are some pictures...

The history of the tunnels...

The start of the trail.

 The first tunnel.
 The second tunnel (I think).
 I loved the trails.
 Anker and Vienna went through the crack/cave in the rock.
 There's is light at the end of the tunnel.
The water was beautiful!

 Anker and I.

Vienna and I. Yes, I realize that our B's are touching...lol.

I did take more pictures, but they are pretty much the same as these, so I won't bore you anymore with similar ones.

Now, on to the picnic.

Every year my family has a picnic after Lambing and Shearing are over, to thank everyone for their help. They asked A and K, and A and I to come, but since A and K were busy, and A wasn't feeling well, I went alone. Mom called and asked if I wanted to take H along, I said sure! H was all over that, so I picked him up on the way out of town. I think that is the longest that I have had him in the car, and he did awesome. It ended up being a bit of a birthday party for me, too, and I was ALL OVER that!!!

I picked up this little Ninja :)

 While we waited for everyone to congregate...Aunty Valerie showed me part of my birthday gift...
This is where we buried our kitties last year (ours and Val and John's), and Aunty Valerie ended up making a bit of a memorial garden. Isn't it pretty?

 Flower-child H.
  H making faces, or something.
 The food was yummy.

 The cupcakes were good..Mom put sea salt on some of them...SOOO good! Oh, and she made homemade chocolate ice cream. Yum!

 Some of my gifts.
 My aunt got me People's Collectors' edition of Princess Charlotte!!

 Cadence gave me these lovely gifts!!!
I ended up staying the night...I love staying at my parents' B&B, for free, of course!!

 Mom had it decorated so nice!!!
We left at around 11:30, and H fell asleep on the way home...


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