Bits and Bites, and 2 Confessions

Yes, I am still around :)

Things have been going pretty well. We got up to 35C the other day. Yes, you heard that right. The hottest day yet this year. It was so hot, but I wasn\t complaning (much).

I can't believe that this week is nearly over! Now, comes my busiest part of my (normal) rotation. Work 12 hours EACH Sat and Sun, and then Monday afternoon/evening. Thankfully, I get tomorrow off. Yay!

Here are some tidbits (with pictures to follow)..

I had 11 days' vacation (including my normal days off), which start May 29, and finished on Tuesday at 3:30. The whole week was pretty busy...Sat, I went to a little friends' bday party, then my other friend and I made a bunch of dinner for our friend who's hubby had died. Sunday, was church, then there was a retirement dinner for our good friend who used to the the Office Admin there. Monday, and Tuesday, we just hung out here, and cleaned up our spare room, and I ran errands on Tuesday. Weds, and Thursday, we went to Vancouver for my annual specialist appt. It went really well, and he said that my lung capacity has increased 11 percent, which is in due part of my losing wt, and of course, my sleep machine. We spent the night at our regular B&B, and we had a lovely time. Thursday, after my apptointment, went to pick up my sister at the airport. That was fun, b/c I have only been to YVR once years ago. We were really early, so we wandered around, and go Starbucks, and then waited. What a fun reunion that was!!! Then we left the big old city, and drove home. Neither of us were hungry, so we skipped lunch, and had snacks in the car (I took a lot of snacks). We stopped in at Othello Tunnels on the way home. I had never been, but wanted to. I will do a separate post on them, but suffice it to say, it was a great 45 minutes well spent. We got home around 8 or so, and dropped V off at K and A's, and then Anker and I just relaxed and I grabbed Subway for supper. V stayed with us, which was fun. We just relaxed and visited.

Friday was the funeral, which was very sad. The place was packed, which says a lot on how many people Matt made an impression on. Some of us went to the graveside, which was the saddest sight I have ever seen. Quickly downed some snacks (cause, let's face it...isn't that why we all go to funerals?), and went home (took us an hour due to the bridge construction). Dad took us all out to White Spot for supper, and then Luke came over to stay over night. Luke and I had a lovely visit over coffee, then we went to  A and K's for brunch. Took L to the airport, then I relaxed for the rest of the day. I had planned on having some of my coffee friends (from church) over for a garden party/potluck. Well, un-beknownst to me, one of the ladies had told Anker that she wanted to turn it into a birthday party. They brought gifts, and four of them went together and bought us a garden/back yard swing. We love it!!! They left at 8, and Anker finished putting it together, and I swung on it for an hour. Fun times. Sunday, I just chilled. We didn't go to church, b/c I was too peopled out, and I felt that Friday was like a church service. We sat at home, and relaxed, and I read magazines.

Monday, I ran errands, and spent too much money. I got some new sandals, which I love, but they are a little hard on my feet. Oh well....I will post a picture of them later. Tuesday was my birthday, and in all honesty, it kind of sucked...hubby didn't do much for me (well, he didn't do anything for me). I ended up running errands, and took myself out to lunch, and relaxed. I had my free birthday chiropractor appointment, and grabbed my free birthday drink from Starbucks, and a bottle of wine for when I got back from work, then I went to work. Wednesday, I went to the ranch, as they were having their annual spring picnic. They also turned into a birthday celebration. Anker didn`t go bc he is back was super sore, so I took H with me instead. He had SO MUCH fun at the picnic, and spending time with his aunts and uncles. I ended up staying over night at/in the B&B. I just relaxed, and played on my phone and read magazines. I came home this morning, and then went to work. Hopefully, we will do something tomorrow evening to celebrate my birthday.

So, that's it...a bit of an update of what we've been up to for two confessions (that I am willing to share!!)

Hi..I am April, and I am always late...

I have always been on time....when I took the bus everywhere, I was early...and then some....even up until a couple of years ago, I was on's only been the last couple of years that I am late. For everything. Meeting up for friends for coffee/dinner. Church. Appointments. Except for work. I blame Facebook. Or doing something else. Or talking with Anker at the door before I leave. Today, I was actually pretty good..I said I would leave the ranch at 11 (actually, I had a few departure times), and I left at 11:30. Or was it 11:15. I can't remember. I hate that I am late all the time. I don't know why. It does bother me. It really does. I think in part it happens because I don't like being early for things. I have better things to do at home. I will say that I did leave earlier on Monday to run errands than I originally was going to, so that was good. But, I will try to be better. Maybe.

The One where April Can't Cry....

If you love or have watched FRIENDS, you will probably have watched the episode where "The One where Chandler can't Cry". That is so me. I don't cry in/at movies/tv shows. I don't cry at news stories. I don't cThe only time I cry is when I am sad/stressed about something in MY life...if I have messed up at work, etc...or anything pertaining to me. I haven't even cried (much) regarding our infertility. Angry? Hurt? Sad? Check. Check. Check. Case in point Matt's funeral last Friday. Everyone was in tears. Not me. Oh, I was sad...I was shocked. But I didn't cry. It bugged me. A lot. I don't understand. Why didn't I cry? Is there something wrong with me? I have thought about getting counselling for this. Like maybe there's something wrong with me. I did cry the day Matt died, but that was all. Does anyone else have this problem? Please comment if you do.


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