Let's Talk: Hair and Make up

Linking up with Andrea for this (or is it lasts?) months topic of "Let's Talk". This week they are talking about Hair and Makeup..something I really am not super savvy in..but, you know on how I love me a link up :)

I am VERY low-maintenance when it comes to hair and makeup. I love getting all glammed, just like the next girl, but I often don't have the know-how, or want-to, to do it. Or, I sometimes just forget (esp when it comes to make up), or I don't have enough time.

That being said, though...here is my (sort of) routine.

I rarely brush my hair..I know..it's sad. I will (fairly) often shower, and then just leave my hair down...and it does look very nice, if I do say so, myself! I will have it up 95% of the time. This drives my younger brother crazy...just last week, while I was out there, he said "why do you have your hair up so much?" I told him that it was because it was cooler (I have super thick hair), which is the main reason that I do it (to which he said,,"well, it's your hair", which totally cracked me up!!)...and I also tend to play with my hair...and it gets in my face...which are the other reasons. As far as hair product go (other than shampoo and conditioner), I don't use much at all. I don't even use hair spray on/in it...which perhaps I should probably do more often, as I have a lot of fly aways..lol). I don't use any curling product, or mousse...(see, I told you I was low-maintenance!). So, as far as my hair goes...it is a very easy routine. Does this mean I don't care? Maybe, but I do like to have a good hair day...and I don't like it when I AM having a bad hair day, either...but, you know...what can I do?
                                             This was right after I got my hair cut in March.

                                    I am not sure when I took this...I think around the same time.

As far as make up goes, I am the same way..very low (or no!) maintenance! That being said, though..I have WAY too much make up!!! Here is a picture that I took back in September, and since then, I have thrown a few things away, and added a few things, so it isn't overly current, but here is a general idea of what my make up bag looks like...
Yes...I have a few too many! I don't really stick with one brand...though I do love Avon...:) I also have a few MK products, which I really like as well. I also like FLOWER, and WET N WILD. Again, I don't much of a routine...I can go weeks without wearing (and yes, sadly, without even foundation, or any skin cream, and worst part of all, no sun screen...buut I think I want to get better at doing that!! I don't even wear lipstick/lip gloss/glazewear every day..isn't that sad? At any rate....when I wear make up, I usually will put on a bit of MK foundation (love it!!), and/or Avon's Magix Cream...I love it...it smells great!!! Then I put on eye shadow, eye liner (bottom only), and mascara...I have just started to only put it on my top lashes, as per my mom. Then, the lipstick!! I put make up (only half of what I usually put on) this morning, including a new eye liner I got from Avon (Smoky Grey). I actually got 4 for $10, so I know have all their eyeliners (except the liquid liners, I don't like those). If (I mean WHEN) I remove my make up, I will either use the MK make up remover, the Avon makeup remover, or a drugstore (dollar store?) brand. I know I should do the hyperlinks to/for these brands, but I have done it before in the past, and you see them in my other posts.

So, there, you have it...my hair and make up routine...I know...so exciting!! Oh, and as far any skin creams, etc...I don't even use any cleanser (in our bathroom drawer...lol)...I don't use them much anymore...but since I am turning a certain age this year...I should probably start using them more :) I did use Avon's 30's -line of (Anew) products. The sad part is that I still have them..but again,,still in our bathroom drawer...:) They used to be in blue packaging, but I just checked the brochure, and they have changed it to pink...:)


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