Weeked Wrap Up

I hope everyone had a lovely wknd. Mine/ours was ok..nothing fabulous...but it was ok :)

We had BEAUTIFUL weather all wknd, which was great. Friday, I watched Amazing Race from two weeks prior, and part of the Thursday night line up, as I was at a friends all Thursday evening. Anker and I left at around mid morning to get a desk that I got for free off/from one of our local bidding sites. When we got to the place to pick it up, the lady's mom couldn't get it out of the room that it was in. We tried for a few minutes, but decided that it was too much work for us to take it apart...and it was too heavy, anyway. Came back home and watched more TV, and then a lady who is going to take one of the kitties came by to visit them again. After she left, I met up with my friend (and I also ran a couple of errands), and I got my Avon order. I went to the library, then the park (I think), then came home...only to turn right back around and go to the store to grab something for supper. We also invited my brother, since he is batching it for two weeks..which meant that we had to clean up our place a bit. We had salsbury steak..yum!! We watched May Day, then he left around 9, and I finished watching Y&R, and then had a bath, I changed our sheets, and I put on our new (to us) duvet cover, and FB'd, then went to bed. I think I also spent quite awhile moving a bunch of pics on my FB over from the Mobile uploads section to a current (or I made a new) named folder. Cause I am OCD like that. Or, maybe I am just bored!!

Saturday, we went to Kamloops' first annual Green Expo. I had actually seen it advertised while at Starbucks one day, but I totally forgot to tell hubby about it. I was wondering on what we could do this wknd, and when I got home, he brought it up, so we both decided to check it out. It was a great first time ever effort on/for this event. I think they could put a few more vendors in there, but we loved that it wasn't super busy (it also helped that it was a lovely day...most everyone wanted to be outside). The fact that it was free, wasn't lost on us, either. We got a few free items, and then came home. I FB'd, and watched an episode of 20/20, and then went to coffee with my friends. I went to the library, then I went to the park. Hubby and I thought about Pork roast for supper, so he was in charge of putting it in. I sat in the park for probably a couple of hours, watching people, and reading magazines. Yes, I should have been exercising, but I wasn't! Had supper, while I watched Frasier, and SISTERS. It was an ok movie...but not great. I had great hopes of going to bed "early" (aka: before midnight), but I ended up watching a little girl's memorial service online (she was a little girl who battled cancer for nearly two years..and was a bit of a local celebrity in town, her gramma and I worked together 8 years ago)...and after I did my SM check ins, and updates, I went to bed around 2 am.

Sunday, I got ready for church, then ran a couple of errands on the way to church, went to church, had lunch alone (I was totally fine with that), then I met up with Friend 1 at the park (I may or may not have gotten a FROSTER on the way), and we chatted and walked for over an hour. I met up with Friend 2 and McD's (where it may or may not have been my second time there that day...at least it was at a different location!!), and I had a snack, and we chatted for a couple of hours. I came home, and I watched a couple of episodes of 20/20, and my brother called, so we talked for awhile, and then I went to visit my neighbour (the nice one!!), and then came home, and watched MOTIVE, and blogged!!! So, there's our wknd. Anker spent this morning fighting with his computer, and spending time outside.

How did you spend your wknd?


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