10 on Tuesday- 10 Classic Shows That I Love(d)

 Linking up with Karli for this weeks 10 On Tuesday!

1) The Cosby Show (yes, I will always love that show, please don't judge me)
2) Full House
3) Family Ties
4) Family Matters
5) Alf
6) Degrassi Street (then Jr and Sr. High)
7) Little House on the Prairie
8) Who's the Boss
9) Growing Pains
10) Home Improvement

We also would watch Facts of Life, Diff'rent Strokes, and The Wonder Years. I am sure that there were more that we watched, and those don't include kids shows/cartoons, but those are the ones that I remember most. This list also doesn't include shows in the late 90's (see this post), or specials.

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Vienna Moilliet said…
I didn't know you watched Alf, Joseph and I watched it all the time an love it also

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