Weekend Wrap Up/Calgary Trip/Mother's Day Wknd

Yes, I am writing this a week later. I just haven't really been into blogging this week. I am a in a bit of a funk. Life is just really getting to me.

Anyway...here was last wks update. I am going to start on Thursday, since that is when I went to Calgary.

A week or so ago, Mom came to me and asked if I would like to go to Calgary with her and my Aunty to go to their Aunt's memorial service (she died April 6, but due unforseen circumstances, the service was delayed a month). I thought it would be fun to go, since I hadn't been to Calgary in 5 years, and 2 years prior to that, and prior to that, not since I had moved, back in 2004. I also hadn't seen my grandparents in 2 years, and since they have both given us all health scares in the last year, I knew it was important to see them. And hey, anytime is a good time for a (girls') road trip, right?

We left early Thursday morning, and picked up my aunt in Salmon Arm. I had bought a few snacks, but btwn Mom and S bringing food, we really didn't need it. They had packed lunch, snacks, etc. Yum!! We made a few potty stops, and got there around 5 AB time. We had a lovely supper, and visit, and I went to bed late, as usual.

We all hung out the next morning, and visited, and enjoyed the sun, and had a nice brunch. The service was at 2, and we go there a bit early. I saw a ton of people who I hadn't seen in 12 yrs. I had barely stepped foot in the church where I went for 5 years IN 12 years. It had changed SO much!!! The service was nice, and there was a nice tea afterwards. I may or may not have gotten in a Starbucks run while I was there!! We went back to my G-parents (they live with my aunt and uncle), and visited for an hour or so, before going to the family dinner. We had lasagna and Caesar salad. Yum!! We stayed until 8 or so, and had a visit back at the house.

Saturday, we left at 8 sharp!! The trip was BEAUTIFUL (compared to the rainy, cloudy trip out), and I got to drive a fair amount of the way, which was fun. We stopped at a few places, to grab a drink, snack, and of course, bathroom. We also stopped at D Dutchmen Dairy, which I have heard about, but I have never stopped at. We were a bit disappointed, but it was still good (esp when Mom and I switched cones!!). We dropped S off, and made our way back to town. Got in around 5 or so, and hung out for the evening.

Sunday, we left around 10 (I know, super late), and got into church at 1130. Oops. We had a lovely brunch, and walk, and we had a nice visit with the siblings and their SO's. Anker and I left at around 5 or so, and met up with S and N at DQ in CW. We grabbed a blizzard, and had a quick chat in the parking lot, and we got home around 7. We just hung out for the evening, and I watched some of the shows that I had missed while I was away, and went to bed late. All in all, it was a nice few days.

As for my feelings for MD this year, they weren't quite as sad, which was great. Of course, I wish we had kids, but the downtrodden feelings I usually get weren't there, which I guess means that I am growing up!!!


Kristi said…
My uncle's memorial service is coming up in a few weeks, and (though sad) I am looking forward to seeing relatives that I haven't seen in a while. I'm glad that you had a nice trip, and that Mother's Day wasn't too difficult.

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