Happenings In Pictures

I have been lacking in posting pictures on the old blog lately...I know on how much you've missed them!! I will try to be less wordy, and more picturesque in this post...but before I do...I think I posted that I was my parents' for a couple of days last wk. We needed to get our car looked at, and tires changed, and we don't really have a good mechanic in town, and it was an excuse to get away for a couple of days...hubby stayed behind on kitty (and garden) patrol. My parents were also way to AB, which was perfect...I slept in their house, and ate their food!!!

Anyway...here are some pictures of our life lately....

 The kitties started getting mobile a couple of weeks ago. They soon could not be stopped.
 This little one decided to start exploring!!
 Our Suitcase Wall did not hold them in for very long (for a few days) but..how adorable are they??

 Sahara chose to move them into the living room. She knew she was fighting a losing battle.
One of the kitties fell in the knitting basket. Don't worry...he made it out alive!

Let us not forget about Calico!! Her nose is a bit out of joint with the kitties...she has hissed at them a few times, and doesn't seem to tolerate them very well, especially when they are all on the ground!! It is actually kind of funny.

 This was taken a few days ago...she was looking at the kitties, and she didn't seem too impressed!
 She also has started jumping up on our entertainment unit. Bad kitty. LOL.
We can't have children...Nuff said.

I mentioned that I dog sat my friends dog last wknd...
How adorable is he? He was a great help in keeping me company!!!

I visited my friend a couple of weeks ago, and I took some pics from her balcony.
                                      I love this city!!! Downtown is to the right, where the sun is.
 The picture below is looking towards "The North Shore" area of town. Just below the mountains (Mt. Peter, and Mt. Paul) is Hwy 5 that runs through from Vancouver up the valley. Kamloops is a hub and connecting point to the Okanagan, the Coast, and other parts of BC.
The sunset just outside her house. I gotta say..I do miss seeing the sunsets just outside our house, like we had (though covered in trees) at our old place. At least we drive towards the sunset (eek!) on our way home....and that is when I can a good look at it!

Our garden has started sprouting!!! Save for a few things...everything has started to grow!!! I could def. see a difference when I came back on Thursday.

 We bought some pansies last wknd. Sadly, the sweet peas didn't sprout :(
 Not sure what is growing here..garlic, and a few other herbs, I think.
 Strawberries! Last year, we had two...we hope to have more than that this year.

Can't remember what is in these boxes...but carrots, beets, and peas, are some of what he planted!

And last, but not least...let's end off with some baby lambs!! These pics were taken when I was at the ranch last week.

 The orphans. Aren't they adorbs? I even got to feed them one morning!!

                                                       A mama and her triplets!!!
                                                 Love this scene...it never gets old!!!

                        I seriously didn't do a filter-thing with these pics!!! Love this one, too!!!

I moved one bunch of sheep from their daytime field back to their nighttime field one evening...I hadn't done "chorin'" in a long while (and no, we don't call it that...we aren't total hicks!!)!! It was actually kind of fun!!!

Random pics...

 One of the walks I like to take near our house....this was nearly a month ago now.
 Love this picture.
Ok, so these two lilac pics were taken while I was at the ranch...but I thought I would put them here...anyway...the lilacs there are almost a month early. The lilacs here in town are almost all gone!! I had to take some pics. Love me some lilacs!

I have walked along this park trail a few times, and last wk when my friend and I went for a walk and chat, I saw a marmot for the first time...when we went today, we saw 10!!! I also heard someone shout that they saw a marmot while they were walking yesterday while I was there yesterday. It is funny, on how I hadn't seen any, then I saw/heard them three times in a row!

Well, I could post more, but it is almost 1 am, and I am sure that I have bored you all to tears already. I may try to do another picture post later in the week.


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