Linking up with Jenna for another issue of Currently.

Watching// Call the Midwife Season 3, and whatever else I have on loan from the library. I also want to get caught up on Hot In Cleveland Seasons 3 and 4.

Excited about// A new-to-us Cappicino machine that we bought today from our local thrift store. It didn't work, so hubby fixed it. A drink that cost under a dollar. The machine cost $15

 Reading// Too many magazines than is healthy. I am a bit of a magazine addict. Ugh.

Thinking About/Of// Thanksgiving. Yes, in Canada it is NEXT MONTH!!! I am very excited to see our niece. Oh, and my other siblings, too.

Missing// My sister is who is Far, Far Away. Thankfully, we have Skyped a few times. I am also missing our kitty lately. Especially at nighttime.

Listening To// My husband yelling at his computer...and Jack Ingram and Josh Turner CDs from the library, and Oceans (the song we sang yesterday in church) on YT.

Loving// Yoga Pants. And my hoody.

Changing// Our sheets and I also changed our duvet cover. I had hoped to buy a new fall-coloured one, but we just can't afford it right now.

Leaning On// Jesus. And the Food Bank.


Ann Ehnert said…
I've never seen Call the Midwife...I'll have to check that out. And, oh my goodness, nothing better than fresh sheets!!! :)
The A Team said…
Ann...I think you might like it..if you like midwifery, and British TV. I Fresh Sheets! Thanks for stopping by!

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