Weekend Wrap Up/Monday Morning Gossip Link Up

Happy Tuesday!

I am a little late in joining Join The Gossip for this weeks Monday Morning Gossip, but since it's still open to link up, I thought I would link up (and blog about) our weekend.

Friday; hubby finished fixing the car! Yay! I had a very nice relaxing day, then I went to work. It was a good shift. We had a very yummy supper; grilled chicken on top of Caeser salad. Yum. Came home; relaxed and went to bed.

Saturday; We got up around 8 or so and went to the next town over to buy a fish, as one of the local Indian Bands were there selling them. We got a HUGE one for $20. Yum. Dropped it off at home, and then went over to pick up H to go to the corn maze. His parents came, too, which was nice. We sat and visited and had a bit of lunch, then it was off to the corn maze. You can read about it here. We came home and had a nice relaxing afternoon. We had the fish for supper and watched both the first and second Smurf movies, which were actually quite good.

Sunday; went to church, and then I dropped hubby off and went to a friends for lunch (he didn't feel like going). We had hot dogs, veggies, chips, and great conversation. I ended up going to the park, and spending some time in the sun, and reading. It was a lovely day.

I finally got started on the new Danielle Steel book. I also FINALLY finished the other one of hers. Came home and had a relaxing evening. We watched The Amazing Race Canada, and then ended up watching another (sort of new) show. I had watched one epi last year, but I couldn't seem to get into it. Then hubby decided that he liked it, so he started watching it, and so I got into it. I looked through some of my magazines that needed to go back to the library, and just relaxed.

It was a wonderful weekend!!


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