The One Reason I Don't Like Blogging

One of things I do love in the cool world of blogging is to get to check out new blogs, and "meet" new people. 99% of the time, I LOVE blogging;. I love "travelling" the country of the world, "seeing"where people live and what they do, but there are other times when looking on their pages actually makes me depressed and a little sad, and yes, even a bit jealous.

When I see people younger than me get married after us (please bare with me), and yet they have 2 or even 3 kids, have a house, go on holidays, etc. And we are still struggling. Now, don't get me wrong. There are times when I love our life. I love that we have a small house; that it only takes a few minutes (ok, hours) to clean. I love that I can go places without a child; that we can sleep in; those are the things I love the most about our life, and no having kids. But again, there are times when I see on how other people live, and I get, sad, and in a way, I don't feel like I/we measure up. I know everyone's lives are different; people live different ways. And I am ok with that. But I hope that when people look at us, they don't think any less of us. We are who we are, and we are doing we can; making do with what we have. I have done a few posts about this before, and I was trying to link them up, but I don't feel like spending any more time than I already have today (I started the last post a couple of hours ago) searching for posts.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is that through the blogging world, it is hard to keep up with "The Joneses" and to feel super cool sometimes. It is actually impossible to keep with/to others. It is kind of like a "mommy" group. Everyone gets together and "compares" their babies, when in reality, it's kind of dangerous. But in the blogging world, we have our lives, and we like to share them with others, which is great, but I sometimes feel not cool.

 I have no idea on where this is going. I may have to re-vamp this a few times. I hope you understand on what I am trying to say.


Angie said…
Totally understand my friend. Sometimes I feel the exact same way!
The A Team said…
Yay! Someone who understands and "gets" it.

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