My Community of Ladies, and The Blog's Facebook Page.

So I have a bunch of topics/drafts that I have started on here, so that if I ever get into a blogging slump, then I will already have a few topic/ideas.

At any rate, the one I have been wanting to post about for awhile is the lovely Facebook Community that I am involved in.

I know you're not supposed to add people who you don't know, but I pretty much have always done this. I started Facebook in 2007, just before our wedding. The first set of people that I added who I didn't know were because of a game that I was playing (no defunct), called Fluff Friends. I still have people that I consider my true friends that I found from that group. Through various games, I added people. Then came the groups. Remember how they were cool, and then not cool? Well, they are now cool again (and have been for the last year). I have been involved with probably 100 or so groups (most of which I don't post on or even glance at on a daily or even weekly basis). I think I am really strongly involved in about 10. One of those which I created (when I first joined FB, I started probably about 20 or so groups, most of those didn't get off the ground). The one that I have really enjoyed(that I created a year ago) is Primary Infertility and Childless Living. It actually started out as an infertility/ttc group, but due to some things that happened in the last week, I have changed the direction (and name) of the group. I have also been another of a lot of other groups where I have met some lovely women. A few of them (Ok, a lot) of whom I have added, and who I consider to be great friends. I also got into a few other groups the other day, all three that have the same name. It brings ladies from all over the world together; something that we all have in common. A few of my groups that I am in are other infertility/childless ones. I love connecting with these group of ladies. We all want something so bad, but we can't for one reason or another, have it. They have become my support group. Remember when everyone used to go on separate websites to go to their chat rooms/boards? Well, not anymore (I know you can do this, but I never do it anymore). Facebook is my one-stop shop. (Actually, I hardly ever go to ANY other website anymore; except when I am job searching, or looking for something specific; I always just log on to Facebook to get all my news!) At any rate, I love the community of women that I have made through these groups.

The same can be said for blogging. I have met and added some very wonderful ladies through the world of blogging. Even though I only have 31 followers, I know that it gets a lot more traffic (ok, I HOPE it gets a lot more traffic!). I love connecting with others; learning about them, and commenting on their blogs, and of course, I love it when they comment on mine. It is a way to "meet" each other.

Before I leave, I wanted to bring your attention to blog's Facebook Page. I would like to get 50 followers/likes by the end of next week. I may even have a prize/draw/giveaway.


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