I am a Bad Christian

****This post has actually be written today, but I had "started" a few posts, of subjects that I wanted to blog about so I wouldn't forget, and now is when I am getting to them.****

I have a confession to make. I am a bad Christian.

(FYI: I actually find this interesting that I chose today to write about this b/c our pastor preached about something similar today in church.)

Yes, I still love Jesus, and He is my Saviour and I know He loves me, but I don't always live like it and tell about it. I do still talk about it, and I listen to Christian music, and I read Christian books. Sometimes, though, I don't live like I know I should.

Here are the reasons why:

I don't tithe (much). It's not that I don't believe in it. I don't have enough faith to tithe. Nearly every time we/I tithe, something happens (car issues, etc). Which makes me not want to tithe again for awhile. Or other things come up that need our money.
I cracked open my Bible for the first time in MONTHS today! I hardly even read my daily devotions. Heck, I hardly check and read my daily Bible verse from/by YOU VERSION (a great app, btw).
I don't have daily devotions. I am trying to figure out a book that I can read to help with having some time with God every day.
I have a time specifically where I sit and pray. I DO pray. Just not as much as I should.
I don't go to church as much I should, although I am getting back in the routine of going.
I don't share my faith. I don't talk a lot about being a Christian (heck, I HARDLY ever blog about it on here!) It's not that I am ashamed of it, but I am afraid that people won't understand, or be misinformed. That being said, however, I have been talking about it a bit more to my co-workers. They know I go to church, and I have never hid that from them.
I am not as invovled in the church like I know I should be. I don't help out with Sunday School, and I don't really volunteer for stuff; which is partly due to my shift work.
I watch and listen to things that I know I shouldn't watch/listen to.
I swear.
I tend to go along with the world thinks is ok.
I am not always kind.
I snap (and say rude/unkind things) to/at my husband (and to others).
I give/flip people the bird (but that is only for really dumb drivers, so that is ok, right? RIGHT?? :) ).

I AM trying a little harder to be a bit better. I will try to tithe a bit more, and will try to volunteer for things a bit more, and of course, continue to go to church. I will try to have devotions and spend more time with God. I will try to share my faith more.  I will try to stand up for my beliefs and for what is right (yes, that means on Facebook!) I will try. I know I will never hit the mark; to be perfect, but I will try. There is Grace and Mercy, and for that, I am thankful. My God is bigger than my imperfections, but that still doesn't mean I can't try. Just like a person that is on a diet (or when I am trying to eat healthier). We all say it. "We will try tomorrow." "Things will be better tomorrow." I love that with God, He wipes it away clean, and we can start anew. Each day is a new start. When we sin, and we ask forgiveness, God also wipes it clean. And again, for that, I will be forever grateful.


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