Weekend Wrap up/Monday Morning Gossip

Happy Monday (again!)! As I write this, I am in my PJ's, and ensconced in our bedroom. Please don't judge me.

So, first off, Prince George is gonna be a big brother!!! Told you I was a Royal Family addict. Again, Please don't judge. LOL. Did any of you see pictures of Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg's wedding? A bit over the top, as it was her 2nd wedding, but very, very pretty.

Ok, on to the real news. My/our weekend.

Friday, I relaxed. Saturday, I worked. Sunday, I went to church and relaxed. The end.

Ok, here's the longer version.

Friday, I DID relax in the morning. Then my brother texted me and asked if I wanted to join him and H for coffee (after some time in the park). I met them at the school (I gotta say, that with this school strike it IS nice to not have to worry about kids on the school play ground when you are taking little kids to play there), and then back to their house for coffee and lunch. I ran a few errands, and went to one of the parks downtown and read some magazines and enjoyed the sun. It is still fairly warm here; getting up to nearly 30C. So I am happy. I am still wearing capri pants while everyone else is wearing leggings and scarves. LOL. I picked up Anker and we went to Wendy's for supper. Yummy. We just spent the evening relaxing. I did some blog posts, and called my cousin. It very relaxing.

Saturday, I worked. I usually grab a coffee on the way to work (usually at Starbucks or McD's), but the car was acting up (the power steering pump is dying..so sad), and I was just scared that I wouldn't get there, so I skipped all that, at least until I got into that area of town. I grabbed a PSL at McDs's and a muffin. Their PSL's are ok; not fabulous, but ok. Anyway...work went well. Nothing too crazy happened, unless you count me spilling my PSL over the bathroom (don't ask). Ugh! We had Big Bang Theory on for a few hours at work. I was able to sit for a couple of hours. We had left over Chicken Divan, and I made Caeser Salad with spinach, which actually turned out really well. Yum!! Got home around 10 (praying all the while/way that our car would make it home). And had a bath and relaxed for a bit, and went to bed.

Yesterday, I went to the pancake our church was having. It was very good. I came home to pick up hubby, and we went to church. It was a good service. We really did relax for the rest of the day. I had a nap, FB'd, Blogged, watched TV, made some phone calls and watched The Impossible, which was really good. We had left over pizza for supper. I ended the night by watching two episodes of Murder She Wrote, and journalling.

So, that was our weekend. I know. Exciting, right?

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Bailley said…
Sounds like a great weekend! A little bit of busy and relaxing:) stopping by from the linkup!
The A Team said…
Yah, it was. I kind of like it like that way. Thanks for stopping by!
Brittanylea02 said…
Sounds like a good weekend! I'm also a royal addict! Went to see Will and Kate when they were in PEI, such a beautiful couple!

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