Labour Day Weekend

I had better post this before it becomes "that weekend 6 months ago", and I forget what we did!!

Brace yourselves, folks, this will probably be long, and have a fair amount of pictures! Grab a coffee, iced tea, or your fave bevvy, and sit down and relax.

Friday, I worked until 9 am, so I slept for most of the day. I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening relaxing. I am pretty sure I got cosy with our PVR.

We got up around 8 or so on Saturday, and after doing our Facebook stuff, we headed out to the ranch. I was so good, I didn't even get a coffee on the way out. After stopping in Clearwater, we arrived at noon or so. Mom had everyone helping make relish. We had a nice afternoon. We also took down our tent that had been up for over a month. Oops. We decided on spending the night, or rather, I did, after seeing what we were having for supper. Lamb chops. Yah, baby.
The rest of the food we had that night was equally delish. Everything we had was grown on the ranch.
We had a lovely evening together. A, K, and H were there, so we also enjoyed them. We stayed at John and Val's and woke up around 8. After having breakfast and saying good bye to all, we headed back into town, as we had to be back for a wedding at 2.

We relaxed for a bit, and got ready, and then headed to the church, where the ceremony was held. I went to her bridal shower back in June, and it was really fun. The ceremony was originally supposed to be held at her parents' along with the reception, but a couple of months ago, it was changed to the church.

Pictures from the ceremony:

After the wedding, we headed home, since the reception wasn't until 5:30. Anker had a nap while I watched a movie. We left around 5:30 (cause we are late like that), and by the time we got there, it was raining. Like. A lot. It actually had started in our area around 5, but it had stopped, and we thought it had stopped there, too. It hadn't. Well, it DID stop long enough for us to have supper. Then it started up again. But it was a fun evening, anyway, and we came home (due to Anker being sore and tired, and me being cold) around 9.

 The candy bar. Yum!!
 The centre pieces.
 They had to put up extra tarps b/c of the rain.

The pool. It was so pretty (despite the rain). The bar is in the back, the there was a fire pit to the right that is hidden.

We relaxed and went to bed. Monday, we slept in (or I did), and relaxed for most of the day. I did go to Starbucks to read for a bit. I met up with my aunt for pie n coffee (well, mine was a tea). I had pumpkin and it was very good.

We met up at a local restaurant, cause she was craving pie. Starbucks doesn't have pie. Hubby and I spent a quiet evening at home. I think. I am pretty sure I watched some more stuff on the PVR, and was lazy. But it was a great day to a great Long Weekend.

So, that was our weekend. What about yours?


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