God Knew

One of the reasons that I wanted to take this CSW course was to work children with special needs in the school system. I wasn't sure whether it would be the Christian/Catholic or Public School system, but I was willing to go wherever they would take me.

Well, the Christian school didn't need anyone, the Catholic school interviewed me, but never contacted me back, and when I FINALLY did get an interview with Public School System, I wasn't the right fit for them. Most of my classmates did eventually get on with the school system. I was left wondering (and yes asking) why? What made them able to get the job, and not me? I was even a bit mad, to be honest.

I then moved on (well, prior to the interview in the early spring, I was looking for other things) to other agencies in town. I still was hoping to work with kids in some capacity, and I was concentrating on agencies where they were helping and focusing on the -under 18 crowd. Well, it never seemed like quite the right fit for either of us, and then I found the job I am at. In the mean time, the B.C teachers went on strike first we all thought it was just going to be for a week. It went on longer. Then we (meaning all British Columbians) thought that they would resume back after the summer. Well, we have finished the first full week of "school|" and there is no end to the strike. I am SO happy that I didn't get on with the PSS, b/c I would be out of a job right now.

When I look back, I can see how God was orchestrating on where He wanted me to be. He knew that the teachers would go on strike (funny on how that is?) and that we would be without a job right now. He knew that I would be FREAKING out right now (among other things) and wondering "what do we do now?" He KNEW!! I sometimes have wondered where God is; has He forgotten us? What did I do (or didn't do) to "deserve" what is (or isn't) going on right now? He held us in the palm of His hands the ENTIRE time! Yes, I don't have a position, but you know what? I am okay with that. He ALWAYS knows what we need, and when we need it. His timing is the BEST time! Even when we don't see it. Even as I am typing this, I am so blessed that God saw fit to NOT put me there. Maybe in the future, since I know HE knows I still want to work with kids, but now isn't it. I am SO happy that God sees fit (even when we are hopping mad, and crying...and maybe not praying) as where and when to put us. I hope one day to work with kids; maybe in another setting apart from a school, but for now, I KNOW this is where God wants me. And I am down with that.


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