Oh Hey, Friday!

Who is happy that Friday is here? I know, I am! I only worked twice this week (including today), which was nice, but we had MAJOR car issues/financial issues, and well, it's just been a week.

But I am thankful that we got through it, and I am looking forward to the weekend. Don't get me wrong, though, it has been a RELAXING week on one hand; because had no car, I was forced to stay home. I played A LOT of computer, watched tv, and I even baked and cleaned!

So, here we go...

1// Monday: After coming home from work (I worked the night shift), I slept and then hubby made me grilled cheese for supper. Yum. Met up with my friend for coffee and then went to Wal-Mart to grab a few groceries.

2// Tuesday: I spent some time H. We had a lovely time. We spent time at home, then went for a walk. Then to grab a cookie. He is so sweet. He loved the AFRICA DVD that I brought over. I got home, and Hubby went to work on the car. It did not end well. Anker came home SO tired, and SO upset. I felt really bad On a good note, though..A LOT of people came to our need hen we asked. A friend even came by and dropped off some salmon. YUM! Quickly went out for a bit (thanks to my friend to drove me), and then came home and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

One of the first trees that has turned colour (that I have seen).

3// Wednesday: our friends came to pick up hubby to take him to the church (we can't do car repairs at our strata), and my mom and dad came drop off mutton chops and corn. Double Yum. Anker put the part in, and it ended up leaking. Ugh! So off to the parts store to get a new one, which wasn't going to be coming in until today. Ugh again. It actually became quite comical. I did manage to go out (via the bus, hey, I am not too proud to take the bus), and grab a few things, and came home and just relaxed. We got caught up on some of our TV shows on our PVR.

4// Thursday:We MAJORLY slept in. It was a nice day; very relaxing. Since we didn't have our car, we couldn't go anywhere, which in some ways is actually kind of freeing. I decided to make some Zucchini bread (which was VERY good!), and I cleaned our floor! I know...exciting! We had salmon for supper last night. It was VERY good!
 Salmon marinating. Soya Sauce, brown sugar, lemon juice, fat free Italian dressing, and seafood marinade (from the store). It was very good!

You find the recipe here.
Anker and I also watched a couple movies last night; After Earth, and Free Birds. Both were good.

5// Friday: We watched a movie "Evan Almighty" this morning. I have a TON of movies that are due to go back to the library. So I figured that I better watch some of them. We loved it; I would definitely buy it. So funny, but also a great Biblical analogies, which is always good. Well, Hubby just came home and announced that the car is fixed! I am SO happy! And we have a Black Widow outside our place. That does not make me happy! Well, I guess that sums it up for this OHF!

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