Sunday Social

1. What is your favorite part of fall?
Umm...everything? The smell (especially in the morning), the fog, PSL's, SCM's, chunky sweaters, hoodies, cooler weather, fresh apples from my mom's apple tree, farm fresh fall produce (from my parents' place as well as from others'), Halloween (ok, I know I am not supposed to like, but I kind of do). And of course, the trees turning/changing colour, the leaves. I also love seeing all the back to school stuff in the stores. And of course, new/returning (good!) TV shows! And pie. I love pie.

2. Do you have anything special planned for fall?
In Canada, Thanksgiving is in October, which I prefer, so we will all be gathering for that. Seeing my niece and nephew...all of our family will be together.  We don't have anything else planned at the moment, but hubby's birthday is next month, so I am sure we do something. I may go and visit my friend in Calgary at the end of November.

3. What is fall like in your area?
 Umm...beautiful? LOL :) I love it. I will post some pictures of it on my FB page and here when the trees turn a bit more (or a bit more trees have turned).

This was taken a few years ago in Kamloops. Love this picture.
This was take yesterday on our way home from our afternoon of fun.

4. What is your favorite football team to cheer for (college or professional)?
In the CFL, it's the BC Lions, but I have cheered for the Seattle Seahawks before. I don't usually watch college (or local) football, but I do follow them on the news; I think we have the Kamloops Bronco's, so yah, I guess I would say I would cheer for them (or local Uni doesn't have any Football teams).

5. Do you decorate for fall? Show us pics!
I have in the past. Not very much, though, and not this year (yet!). I still may buy and hang a wreath, though..I have bought a scarecrow to put in our plants in the past.

Linking up with Ashley for this weeks Sunday Social!

FYI: Do you realize that fall isn't even HERE yet??? :)


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