A Few Things I Don't Understand

 **EDITED September 4.2014**

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I am going to write a weekend post (promise!), but hubby just got a call that his procedure (again, more on that in another post) is a go, and we have leave in a half hour, and I am pretty sure this post will be shorter. Maybe.

There are things that people go nuts over that I just don't "get". I thought it would be funny (or not) to name a few, cause you know, I am odd like that. Please realize that that is (mostly) for fun!! I am not grumpy, or bitter, or whatever; these are just some things that I have observed. Just have some play along with and humour me. It's all in good fun.

Frozen: I clearly realize that there are people (many adults) that are into this. I clearly don't get it. Yah, it's cute, and all, and it has some neat songs, but why grown adults LOVE and are addicted to this movie is beyond me. It's a Disney movie. Another one will come along in a year, and this will be forgotten. Move on :)

Apple (or any other fruit/veggie) Picking: Now, this I can kind of see; kids come from all over the area to apple/strawberry/cherry/pumpkin pick and they get a kick out of being in a green field, etc. But trust me, from a person who (lived on a farm) had to pick apples, raspberries, etc, it wasn't a fun time. Especially when you had to spend hours either freezing them or canning them. My mom has a ton of beans and cucs to harvest; maybe she should charge money for people to come and harvest?? :)

Half Birthdays: Do people actually celebrate them? Is it a US thing? I don't get it.

Smocking: Again, I don't get it. I actually don't like it. Sure it looks cute on little babies until 2, but after that, they just look funny. I know it's a Southern thing, and I TOTALLY can appreciate it (for them), but again, I don't get the fascination with.

Monogramming EVERYTHING!: Sure, I understand people monogramming a few things, especially when they get married, or having the first initial with their last name on something, but monogramming EVERYTHING when they have a baby? Odd. But again, Just my thoughts.

Dressing your kids Identical: Ok, THIS one I actually get. I would do this, especially if I had twins, or kids close together, but only until they were about 5. After that, it just gets creepy. Just sayin'.

Weird Diets: I am all for heating healthy; but eating clean (yes that IS a weird diet, imho), and not eating carbs, no sugar (ok, THAT is one that would be a good one to do, and i SHOULD do that), no wheat (just because you don't want to), and juice cleanses are just weird. Eat healthy; lots of fruit and veggies. Eat the occasional piece of chocolate cake. Have fun. But don't go all crazy, either way.

School Start Dates: Now, I am not talking about the Alternative schools in Canada where, they have a different school year, but I am talking on how schools (mainly in the States) end in May (what the heck? Yah, May is summer-in my books-but to me, May is a school month) and start in August. The beginning of August! I think that is nuts. I think there are schools in the US that go back to school after LD, but I have read that a lot of schools go back either the beginning of or middle of August. Can someone please explain this to me??

"School" for Babies: It really bugs me (ok this DOES bug me) when parents say their kids/babies are going to "school" when in fact they are going to day care. Call it what it is. Daycare.

Odd School Names: Again, Mother's Day out (I seriously just saw a picture of a baby- A BABY!- with a chalkboard saying "First Day of MDO"). Um..really? Pre-K (what IS that??), Pre-school (at age 2? OK), etc. Again, just call it what it is. Day Care.

Yah, I know...I sound angry, but I am not, really :)


Angie said…
My son is in Preschool and he's four. Around here it is the only way we can get therapy he needs, occupational and speech! We have a program that services kids until age 3 but once they are eligible (age wise) for preschool, they no longer service them.
The A Team said…
Yah, that part I understand. I don't understand sending your kid to preschool when they are two. But it is totally different when they receive therapy.
Kimberlee VDW said…
Glad you rediscovered MMG - happy to have you back :)

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