LAST Weekend's Wrap Up

Happy Friday! I am SO glad this week is over. I will tell you about in another post (yes, I am a bit behind in my posts this week...hopefully, I will catch up today and over the wknd), but for now I will update you all on LAST weekend! I won't post about Friday, because I already blogged about it in this post.

Saturday was a great relaxing day! I spent most it at home, which was great. I played on the computer, blogged, read magazines, and probably watched TV. I know, I live such a gripping life. I went out around 3 back to the mall (where I was the day before with H), and got my hoodie that I had left in the kids' cart (you know the ones you borrow at the invention/idea ever! It's great to carry the kid, plus you get to put all your crap in it!). It was such a nice day that I decided to stop at the park on the way home. First, though, I grabbed a $1 burger at McD's (ok, $1..99) and a not- a-$1-any-more-because-it's-not-summer $2.50 drink. But hey, it was still good. I thoroughly enjoyed the weather, and read some of my magazines.

Hubby made banana -chocolate chip loaf. Yum. We relaxed and we watched movies on our respective places, because we are romantic like that.

Sunday, I was in a bit of a funk. I was grumpy; didn't feel like being around people. and I didn't feel like going to church. We also had (and still are having) car problems. I actually was going to blog a rant, but I didn't feel like I didn't want to drive more than I had to. We watched a few movies at home, and then I went to the dollar store to pick up a few things for a bridal shower I was going to (ok, they were gifts, so what?...I love dollar store gifts!). I was a bit grumpy during the shower, which I felt a bit bad about, but the food was good, and it was a fun time.

Pictures :

                                                      Tea cups! It was a fancy party.
                                                  One of some of the games we played.
 The place where we wrote stuff; recipes, addresses, date night ideas, our birthdays and anniversaries (there was a prize for the ones who had the closest bdays and annnis), and of course, the take home gift.
                                                                      The food.
                                                                    The people.
                                                             Date night ideas.

I came home and relaxed; had a nap, supper and then went off to work the night shift. So, other than feeling a bit grumpy, it was a good weekend!


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