Oh Hey Friday/Randoms

Ok, Ok...you twisted my arm! I am gonna link up The Farmer's Wife for this weeks Oh Hey Friday!

Some these you may have already read before...so if they seem like I am repeating myself...I am.

1// I got spend some time some time with H yesterday. He is such a little ham.

2// Our car needs a new steering pump. I had them order the part yesterday, and today hubby went to get the part to fix it, but it turned out to be the wrong one. He went back to tell them it was the wrong part. He has ordered it...and it cost us $100 more! Yah, I am not happy. At all.

3// I got a family pass to our local corn maze. I hope to use to next week, when I can take H.

4// Prince George is gonna be a big brother. I am so happy!

5// I am thinking of starting (or rather restarting) a book to read as a devotion. I want to finish up "The Christian Atheist" and also start on "Unglued" and "Becoming More". Anyone have any thoughts?

Happy Friday!


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