Oh Hey Friday (in the form of an Update)

I am not sure if FoF link up is going to be continuing, so I will continue linking up with The Farmer's Wife for Oh, Hey, Friday! I thought I would do last weeks update in this form. I said I would only do a week update if it was an exciting week, and last week it was. Well, it was more than just staying at home; relaxing, and going to work.

One. Spending lots of time with H this week.
I got spend Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon with H. He is so hilarious. I am so glad they are all back in town. My brother and I went for a walk to a local bakery down the street, and grabbed some cinnamon buns. Yum. He also made me some yummy coffee. Oh, and did I mention that H and I played 10 rounds of Guess Who? in the two days we hung out? Yah, and he beat me on most of those rounds. Silly boy. Smart boy.

Two. Salted Caramel Mocha's
I am pretty sure that I have already said this, but SMC's are back. And.So.Good. I went out Tuesday morning for a late breakfast.

Three. Laundromats.
I went do to a load of laundry on Wednesday, and we had no tokens for the machines (we don't have our own W/D, but they are right next door to us in our complex). So, I decided that I would go and  do a load (well, two, really) at the laundromat down the street. It cost me about $10 for two loads, vs $5. Oops. Oh well, it had to be done. I may or may not have had a Menchi's treat.

Four. Target/Walmart Runs.
My aunt was looking for a movie, and I suggested that we head on over to W/M to see if there were any cheapos (she was looking for THE FUGITIVE). So, off to Target and W/M we went. (BTW, if any of my U.S. friends are curious, Walmart has been in Canada for 20 years.  You're welcome.We grabbed a Starbucks drink on the way back, and we sat in the car and visited. Fun times.

Five. Library time; relaxing at home.
I got off work a bit early on Thursday (long story, which I won't go into on here), so I went to the library on the way home. SO fun. I have WAY TOO many magazines that is allowed. I am also in "fine jail". Which basically means I can't renew or put a hold on anything until I get it under $10. At any rate, I spent a lot of Wed and Friday relaxing at home; reading magazines, and watching TV. Basically wasting time. But hey, it's my life, so I can do what I want, right?

Five Point Five. Our Car
Our car is thisclose to dying, but it gets me to and from work every day, plus my coffee runs, meeting friends, church, well, pretty much everywhere I go. The power steering died just as I was pulling into our parking stall last night. Oh Goody. We made it to church today. We will see on how it goes/works this week. We can't do anything until Friday. But I am thankful. Maybe this means that I will go on less coffee runs. Maybe. Or maybe I will just strong arm steer it there. Cause I am strong like that. And a farm girl.


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