Wrapping Up The Week

I was going to link with the girls for this weeks OHF, but I don't feel like this week, so I htought I would just write my own post again.

Here are some randoms from this week:

I got a free family pass to our local corn maze. I was hoping to go today, but H is away (and I wanted to take him), so I will hopefully be able to go next weekend. They aren't open during the week.

I had a pretty good week. I only worked Thursday and Friday, which was nice.

Monday, I cleaned and organized our bathroom. It looks so much better now. I spent most of the day at home, relaxing, and playing on the computer. I took my brother out for a Starbucks on Monday night, in part to celebrate his new job.

Tuesday, I met up with my friend for Sushi which you read in this post. I wandered the mall, then went to my friends house hang out with her and her kids for a bit. They moved back to town after leaving here 4-5 years ago. It was fun to spend time with her and her kids again. We went for a walk to the park, and then school yard. I came home VERY cold. I grabbed chicken for supper that night. Yum.

Wednesday, we both had doctors' appointments. Came home and relaxed for awhile, and then our friends took us out for coffee. Came for a bit, then it was off to my aunts to try on some clothes that she was given to her by her friend. I then went to meet my friends at Swiss Chalet for supper. I only had enough money to get an appy. It was still very good. Went over to see my friend and then came home.

Thursday, I did manage to do some laundry, and change our sheets, then it was off to work.

Friday (yesterday), I wasn't scheduled to go to work, and I had had plans of just relaxing, and then running some errands. I got called at 10 to come in for 3:30, which was fine, b/c I only have 4 shifts on the next pay cheque. I had already planned on meeting my brother and H at the mall, so off I went. H and I wandered around, and I got a few things that I needed/was looking for. I took him to a few stores, which was kind of fun. He was a good boy, so Aunty had to buy him a few small items. I also took him to "coffee" and a snack. He wanted a cookie, so we went to Blenz. They didn't have any cookies, but he thought the Butter horn looked good. (he is so funny, I would say "they have butter tarts", and he would say "I want that" then I would say "they have butter horns" and he would say "I want that". It was really cute. I got a mochchinno/frapiccino thing and it was...well, interesting..lol.

After the mall I ran to Sears to see if they had the WishBook (I missed it last year), and sure enough, they did!
I got gas, got money out, for tokens for our laundry, and then got the tokens, and then ran to the library. I spent an hour there just hanging out, which I always love. I grabbed a few things at the drug store, and then went to work. It was a bit of an exhausting shift, so I was very happy to come home to this..

And then I went to have a bubble bath with a few companions..
I got into bed and relaxed for a bit, looked through my magazines, and then chatted with hubby and then went to sleep.

Well, that was the way we saw the world this week!


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